February 26, 2010


Do I look worried? Well, I am a bit. Not because it’s raining…I’m used to that, but because we’re headed up to the groomer. I kind of had a feeling, but when we stopped to take “before” photos, I just knew I was going. Not much I could do about it except look pretty forlorn.

I’m also worried because Sunday is my birthday, and while that’s a fun event, I’ve been a bit stressed about the party. You see, as is our family custom, I was only allowed to invite three friends because I am turning three years old.

I have a lot of friends. Choosing only three of them has proven to be very difficult. Gretchen says it’s the same thing that happens at school with her students. It’s hard to invite everyone in class so often some students get their feelings hurt and the birthday student feels bad. I can’t invite ALL my dog friends and I, too, feel bad about it.

Then things got complicated because my dear friend, Jessica, asked if she could bring a human friend — Olivia — who at seven years old really LOVES dogs and wants to grow up to be a vet. I said, “okay” to Olivia coming, which then limited me to inviting only two others. In the end, I chose Monty and Quillette. I could go into all the reasons why, but mostly I just want all my other friends — Ginger, Gemma, Ollie, Saber, Oshi, Perrito, Alice, Rosie, Tyson, and Woobie — to know that just because I chose Monty and Quillette, it doesn’t mean I don’t like all of you.

If I could have had the party of my dreams, everyone I walk or have ever walked would be invited to my birthday party, but my parents have strict rules and unfortunately it means many of you are left out.

Please accept my apologies. I’m hoping that we can have other special play dates in the future. I promise to bring the cake!

So, on top of being bummed about going to the groomer this morning, I was also bummed because of the difficult choices I had to make. I was bummed as well because I didn’t get to spend the day with all my buddies because I was getting clipped and combed, shampooed and dried all in preparation for my birthday party on Sunday.

But Gretchen told me about the day, and here is how it went down. She dropped us off and then treated herself to a bit of lunch at the bakery before walking to Rosie’s house. It was raining when she walked into Rosie’s house, but five minutes into their walk, the rain stopped an both of them — Rosie and Gretchen — were stuck in their raincoats! Still, they decided to head out and look for signs of spring. First, was Rosie and the single daffodil…

…then Rosie and the blooming bush…

I pointed out that Rosie is by her name her own sign of spring and dressed in that yellow coat, she’s kind of her own daffodil!

Next, Gretchen picked up Gemma and this time, when she walked into Gemma’s house, it wasn’t raining, but ten minutes into the walk, it started to rain.  Can’t win for losing, eh? (I’ve been watching the Canadian Olympics and they say “eh” a lot!) Gemma got to play first with Oshi and Perrito…

…and then got to play with Saber, but her play with Saber started out with a skid (as opposed to a bang!). As usual, Gretchen let Gemma off leash at the tennis courts and she raced off excited to be playing with her true love. Meanwhile, Gretchen got Saber ready with a leash-drag (he’s struggling with his recall command) and Gemma stopped, turned, and skidded on the wet courts. BOOM! And down she went, sliding about 2 feet on her rump. Well, no one saw it, but her rump took a beating with about 2 inches of fur scraping off at her tail. Can you see it in this second photograph Gretchen took of the two of them playing?  Yikes!

It certainly didn’t slow her down any or Saber, for that matter! They ran and played happily for about 20 minutes before it was time to take the wounded Gemma home, though no one really knew she was wounded nor did she act like it in any way!

Saber’s walk was not yet over and just when Gretchen was heading out for a trip down to the lake, the phone rang and Jessica asked if she could join them. Gretchen and Saber turned around, walked up to Jessica and Quillette’s house and the four of them went for a walk along the ridge. In fact, they took this photo RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE GROOMERS! Oh, how I missed them!

But Monty and I survived the groomer and in the end, we both look pretty styling, don’t you think? Oh, and while I might dislike being groomed, I sure love the groomer! She gives us wonderful treats!

I guess that since I wear my birthday suit each and every day of my life, it’s a good thing I got a polish and shine for my birthday party tomorrow. Stay tuned for photos…it’s gonna be fun! Sure wish I could’ve invited all of you!

Until Monday,


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