February 24, 2010

A Couple of Tra-la-las

I woke up singing this morning. “Play, play, play, woof, woof woof and a couple of tra-la-las that’s how we pass the day away in the merry old land of dogs.”

I know that’s not how the song really goes, but for me it sums up how I was feeling this morning. I’m not sure why I woke up so happy, but I did. Maybe it’s because I got to sleep in since Gretchen didn’t have to teach today. Not that I don’t like teaching with her, it was just nice to have a break especially after my rousing agility class last night. I was pretty tired and my body obviously needed the rest, so sleeping in was a perfect way to begin the day.

The other reason I’m so happy is because I stopped to really consider my life (I think it’s because my birthday is coming up) and I’ve decided I have it pretty darn good. I mean, how many of you can say you love your work every single day? How many of you can say that your work is your play, that you work with your best friends, and that at the end of each day, you really feel like you’ve accomplished something?

I guess that’s why the tra-la-las were reverberating in my dreams this morning! It’s a good life and here is just a slice.

First up, Mr. Monty — my dearest friend. Because we didn’t have to teach today, we got to pick Monty up earlier than usual and both of us were glad for it! We went for a nice long walk and watched the clouds build and pass, build and pass and never once raining down on us. Actually, we went to a new place this morning and although Gretchen was leery about taking Monty near water, he did quite well posing for our photo.

Of course, after she took the photo and put her camera away, Monty put his front legs on the ledge behind us and contemplated jumping into the fountain water. Good thing the ledge was really high up or I think we would have gone fishing for poodles today.

Actually, that kind of sounds like fun!

Gretchen debated on her next move — take us home and let us rest or take us out with the boys next door? Can you tell which decision she made?

Yes, we got to walk with Oshi and Perrito and all of us were happy about it! We walked through the park and again watched those clouds build and pass, build and pass and still no rain. We were definitely not in Kansas though the wind was really kicking up!

Eventually though, we all had to go home — Oshi and Perrito to their house and then Monty and I back to our house where we were fed a yummy brunch that both of us ate wholeheartedly! Gretchen had some lunch too because she knew she had some big walks ahead of her.

First was Rosie who, unlike most days, got an hour walk and boy, was she ever happy. Walking Rosie for an hour instead of a half hour meant that the two of them could take a new adventure.

It started out rather normal as they headed up the hill toward Frink Park.

Then they walked down through the park where Gretchen practiced a leash drag with Rosie. She did a great job — Rosie, that is — sticking close by and always coming when she was called! Good girl, Rosie!

Apparently, though, I have a correction to make from yesterday. I claimed that Rosie wasn’t nose-centered. Well, according to Gretchen, once Rosie feels comfortable — which is what she was feeling today as you can see by her smiles — she’s all about her nose. In fact, it made the journey down to the lake and back home again a rather arduous adventure because Rosie kept sniffing!

But they eventually made their way to the lake and for Rosie that was very exciting indeed.

Of course Rosie isn’t fond of walking back home through the tunnel so they had to hike back up the hills and then down to Rosie’s house, which made both Gretchen and Rosie huff and puff!

Next up were the two ultimate tra-la-laers if there is such a phrase — Gemma and Saber. The two lovebirds made their way to the tennis courts to get some of that la-la-la out of their system …

…and then they went for a nice long walk again watching those clouds build and pass, build and pass. Gretchen tried hard to get a shot of Gemma and Saber driving the tractor, but Saber is apparently too big! HA! Gemma thought that was pretty funny!

Saber dropped Gemma off at her house and then made his way over to ours where Monty and I were happily napping. Of course, it didn’t take us much to get excited about another walk! Saber was pretty thrilled too, but little did he know, our walk was back over to his house so he could rest up after his big play date with Gemma. He wasn’t too disappointed, but he did give his sad eyes when Gretchen said goodbye.

And that’s when the day that started out with a song got more glorious. Monty and I got to play fetch at the park — just the two of us and absolutely no rain! Woo hoo!

The Merry Old Land of Dogs is a pretty nice place to live and the best thing about it? No evil green witches!

Until tomorrow,


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