February 19, 2010

What’s in a Name?

Hey, Monty?

Yeah, Rubin?

You know that thing we saw in the park today, what was it called again?

Uh, a pagoda, I think. Yeah, a pagoda.

So, I was thinking…

That’s always dangerous (chuckle chuckle)…

..very funny, I was thinking that if you changed the middle of that word you know where it says GOD and said it backwards…

…God backwards? Couldn’t that get you into trouble saying that name backwards?

No, think about it, Monty! G-O-D spelled backwards is D-O-G.

Sorry, I was never good at spelling.

Jeez!  GOD spelled backwards spells DOG.

Wow, really? That’s amazing! You’re a genius!

Monty, I didn’t make it up myself. Everyone knows GOD spelled backwards is DOG.


It’s okay though because what I really wanted to tell you is that if you change the first two letters of pagoda to be like the name of our feet…

What? You’re losing me here…

Okay, I’ll slow down. P-A are the first two letters of pagoda. What sound do they make?

They speak?

No, no, no…they make a sound when you put them together.

That’s sweet. When I’m with you I make lots of sounds…happy ones.

Thanks Monty, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that M-O-N — the first three letters of your name make the sound MON like in MONTY and MONDAY.

I’d rather they sounded like Saturday because that’s the day I get to sleep in.

Well they don’t. M-O-N sounds like MON and P-A as in the first two letters of pagoda sound like PA.

Like Grandpa? Like Party?

Yeah, now you’re getting it, but they also sound like what humans call our feet.


Yes, I knew you’d get it eventually!

So, what’s your point?

The point is that if you spelled P-A like P-A-W and then flipped GOD to DOG the name of that structure in the park should be PAWDOGA.


Yes, isn’t that cool?

I think I’m missing something. You just spent half your blog explaining how you want to rename the pagoda to pawdoga? What’s the point?

I don’t know, I just thought it was cool.

Buddy, you have way too much time on your hands or in your head or on your paws or pas or whatever!

Well, I thought you’d appreciate my vocabulary dexterity.

Your what?

Never mind. I’m just happy today is over.

Well, it’s not over really, you need to finish the blog.

I think I just did.

You did? Man, you’re fast.

Well, unbeknownst to you (obviously) you were a big help.

I was?

Yes, my friend, you were. Have a good weekend!

You, too!

Rubin and Monty

PS — Don’t forget to tell them about the rest of the pictures below.

You just did.

I did?

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