February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day (a tad early!)

Gretchen was trying to figure out how to put a heart shape around photos, but could only manage an oval. It works, though doesn’t it? You can really see how these two — Saber and Gemma — love each other even without having to look into their eyes.

They set the tone for the Friday before Valentine’s Day. There was actually a lot of love to go around, though we had to dodge the raindrops in order to spread the love today.

Our day had some twists in it that I wasn’t expecting and I’m not talking about the weather either. First, we left school this morning and picked up Woobie. “Woobie?” I questioned Gretchen. “Why Woobie?” She informed me that the schedule got changed and Woobie would be our first walk of the day. Of course, that’s when it started to rain. Not hard, but definitely enough that by the time we stopped by Monty’s house to pick him up, we were pretty wet.

But then the rain subsided and the three of us walked to the park to the tennis courts.

Woobie escorted us home where we posed for a photo on the porch. The dark clouds were really moving in so you can imagine what was coming…more rain!

Monty and I got brunch while Woobie braved the rain and headed next door to pick up Oshi and Perrito. By then the rain was really coming down so the only chance Gretchen got to take a photo was under the cover of Woobie’s porch.

Oshi and Perrito got quite the rub down when they got home, but by the time Gretchen walked over to Gemma’s house, the rain stopped again. Just in case, Gemma had to wear her raincoat, though. They headed toward the park and even though Gretchen knew they’d stop by Saber’s house, Gemma pulled her there regardless. I’m telling you, this is true love.

It’s a good thing Saber is all skin, isn’t it?

And it’s a good thing he wears out quickly otherwise Gemma would run him into the ground…well, it looks like she did!

Gretchen was going to take another photo of the two lovebirds on their walk, but every time she went to get her camera out of her backpack, the two of them threw themselves at each other. It was safer for everyone to avoid another photo op!

Those two went home tired and will no doubt dream of each other tonight while Gretchen headed home to pick us up. And guess who decided to join us? Jessica and Quillette! See, another twist, but that wasn’t all. We walked up to Bradner Gardens and when Gretchen marched up the long stairway to a familiar house, I knew we were in for yet another twist — Chloe!!!

We haven’t seen Chloe for over a year. We generally only walk her when her Mom’s off skiing, but the weather hasn’t produced much snow here (sorry to the other Washington!) and so not many ski trips can be planned. But today we got a real treat as all four of us (and two humans) walked down to the lake and practiced sitting as close together as we dared on that high up dock!

I have to say, I have a special place in my heart for that Chloe. Can you tell?

We walked back up through Mount Baker park and when we got to the top of the hill we could see gray, gray clouds painted on the horizon. Would we make it home before the clouds opened up on us?

To be concluded…

…just kiddin! Chloe got home alright and we made it back to our house just as the rain started pelting the ground. Whew! I’m going to be away for a few days and dog blog will pick up again next Wednesday. I’m off to hopefully recuperate from my intestinal distress and Gretchen will be faithfully by my side administering love, massages, and something called acidophilus. Is that like a Greek Dog or something?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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