January 27, 2010

Better You Than Me!

I heard rumblings yesterday evening about the groomer. Even though I was tired from agility class, my ears perked up immediately. I looked at myself in the mirror and mumbled, “I don’t need no stinking haircut!”

But it wasn’t me they were talking about. It was Oshi, Perrito, and Blackie. Whew!

That’s why we drove the car to school today, too, so Gretchen could pick up the boys and escort them to the groomer without crimping our schedule. So while I didn’t have to visit Liliana (said groomer), I did have to share the car with 3 small dogs. Jeez!

It’s a good thing I’m such a nice fellow. I mean, I like my space and generally don’t like sharing it with others, especially the car, but hey, they were heading to the groomer so I needed to be nice!

Once they got dropped off, we headed back home but only for a blink of a second. Monty was waiting for us at his house so we hiked up there, picked him up, and went for a nice long walk. Gretchen didn’t take many pictures of us today, which was fine with me, but we don’t have evidence of our walk. Too bad because it was kind of foggy and everything around us looked really cool.

When we got home, Gretchen fed us and herself before she raced off to pick up Rosie — an addition to our schedule. Rosie got to walk in the fog, too, but slowly it started to lift. While it just looks like white lights behind her in these photos, it’s actually fog enshrouding Mt. Rainier. Gretchen says it was kind of surreal — the Mountain looked like it was floating on the clouds.

But it was so white, everything just gets drowned out in the background. Oh well, at least Rosie is cute!

By the time Rosie made her way home, the fog lifted, which made Gemma and Saber very happy. They got to play for a bit at the small field — Gemma chasing Saber who fetched the ball…

…and then Gemma chasing Saber who gave up the ball for a stick…

…and then Saber chasing Gemma who stole the stick, but he stole it right back…

…and finally smiling because they like each other so much!

After their small romp they walked up the hill and down the hill where Gretchen made an attempt to pose them with the fog-lifted cityscape in the background. Saber was a good boy, but Gemma struggled staying in one place.

Gemma got dropped off first, then Saber and that’s when Gretchen’s phone rang. The boys at the groomer were ready.

Did I say whew?  Well let me say it again… Whew! Better you than me!

She hiked back up the hill, picked up the newly cleaned and shaven pups and then walked two of them home. Oh, with a stop along the way for the “after” photo!

Oshi and Perrito were happy to race into their house and even though Blackie wanted to go inside their house, too, he came to our house to pick Monty and me up for a walk. We escorted Blackie home and visited for a short minute with his very happy mom. Blackie seemed as happy about his new hairdo as his mom. Did I say whew?

That’s when Monty and I got to go the little field and play fetch! Yahoo!

Again, no photos because well, it was too much fun playing fetch to worry about the right shot. Of course, the fog moved back in so by the time we finished and headed out on a walk, the sun was gone again. Still, there was a glow in the air. Can you see it?

We’ve been resting since we got home though Monty reminded me I needed to write my blog. What a good friend! Of course then he asked, “Do you think we’ll have to go to the groomer soon?”

Dog, I hope not, but every day holds a new surprise, doesn’t it?

Until tomorrow,


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