January 21, 2010

Cautionary Tails

Often, when I’m left home alone, the radio is on. Today’s topic (since it’s talk radio that I listen to) was driving while talking on a cell phone. They were asking for people to call in and give their opinions.

Oh, if only I had opposable thumbs! I would have picked up that phone and given the radio host an earful! I would have said, “Do you know how many times we’ve almost been hit while crossing the street IN THE CROSSWALK by people driving and talking or texting on their phones?”

Well, I can’t begin to tell you how many times, but it only takes once doesn’t it! Luckily, Gretchen’s been very alert and while she may shout or yell or sometimes even scream at the driver, I don’t think there’s any apology big enough to appease her anger.

Or mine.

So, my friends, this is a cautionary tail — PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t talk and drive, don’t text and drive. There are dog walkers out there (among many others) and they deserve…WE deserve to be seen and safe.

Okay, enough of my rant…down to business!

What a long, long day it’s been, but I still seem to be filled with untapped energy (much to Gretchen’s dismay). It started with school, as it always does, and there I got to lie around (under a desk or two) while the students read and then wrote in their writing journals. They all want me to sleep under their desk, but I choose the desk of the quietest, most studious student because Gretchen tells me this is good reinforcement! Whatever. I do it because I most likely won’t get kicked by the kid who can stay in their seat!

Gretchen hemmed and hawed all morning about how to schedule all the dogs we had to walk today. She eventually settled on the following — I’d walk with Ollie then Ollie with Gemma then Gemma with Saber then Rosie by herself then Alice with Woobie (and me) and Woobie with Saber (and me) to end the day.

Yes, it was like a relay race and you’d think after all that walking, I’d be ready for bed. Only, I’m not. I’m ready for action, but no one around here seems to want to play.

Ollie and Gemma got to play. After seeing the photos, I was a little jealous because they got to play with Baker, a 6 month old puppy who was playing fetch at the little field. Boy, is he cute!

Gemma thought so too…

And Ollie? Well, he just got happy about the sun and the friends and running free!

They played a bunch at the park and everyone looks like they had a great time!

Gemma walked Ollie home and then on the way back toward her house, they picked up Saber. It’s all Gretchen can do to keep those dogs apart as they walk over to the tennis courts. These two know how to mix it up, let me tell you, and mix up they did!

Saber walked Gemma home and then Gretchen returned Saber back to his kennel, though he was on the docket for later in the afternoon as well. Next up was Rosie.

Rosie has her own cautionary tail to tell. Rosie LOVES treats. Absolutely. But for the past few days, she’s refused to take any from Gretchen. Gretchen hasn’t been able to figure it out, though today she THINKS she put two and two together.

Here’s her theory (which she’ll test tomorrow): With such full days, Gretchen doesn’t have a ton of time for a full lunch so she snacks and nibbles throughout the day. Her favorite nibble treats are these power bars she makes herself and an orange. She thinks that peeling the orange leaves a smell on her hands that Rosie cannot stand. In fact, Rosie scrunches up her face, squints her eyes, and looks as if something disgusting is about to happen.

Could it be the smell of citrus? We’ll test the theory tomorrow. No oranges for a snack!

When Rosie got home, her mom was there and even though I’ve only met the mom from far away, I love her. She gave me one of the best treats I’ve ever eaten (sent it home with Gretchen) and so I’ve put Gretchen in charge of finding those treats again. Yum Yum Yum– Thank you Rosie’s mom!

Gretchen ate a little something (I did too) before we headed up the block to pick up Alice. Alice usually gives a little woof from her kennel when we arrive, but since her mom was home, too, Alice woofed it up but good. Talk about a cautionary tail! Still she was happy to see us and really happy when we made our way to Woobie’s house.

Oh, and Woobie was thrilled too. We walked down through the park where Gretchen wanted to get a photo with the foothills of Mt. Rainier in the background only I wasn’t cooperating. I sat down for a moment, but then when Alice moved, I rolled around on the cool grass (much to everyone’s dismay) and then did my best to get Alice to play with me!

Woobie wasn’t interested in my antics at all!

Then Gretchen tried to get all three of us in another photo, but Woobie still wasn’t interested and while Alice and I posed, Alice started munching on something. You’ll never ever guess what it was…

…and orange peel! And yes, I’m barking in this picture, much to Gretchen’s frustration. Hey, what can I say? I really really wanted to play!

We walked Alice home after that and then Woobie and I walked down to Saber’s house again. Since I was in need of a good romp, we headed to the tennis courts where Saber and I played smashing heads — our favorite game of all time!

Woobie still wasn’t really interested in playing, but stood around and looked beautiful nonetheless.

Then Henry showed up with three little girls in tow and Saber thought for sure that Henry was his very own personal play toy and Woobie thought being petted by a 4 year old was the best way to spend the afternoon. I just played fetch!

When Henry had to leave, Saber decided to try finding Woobie’s ON switch, but it’s well hidden under all that fur.

Eventually, Saber gave up and just rested while Woobie continued practicing her beautiful look!

So Gretchen leashed us up and Saber and I walked Woobie back up to her house (through the parks) and then back down to his house (down through the neighborhoods). That boy should be tired…I should be tired…we both got a lot of play and walking in. But if Saber’s anything like me, he’s ready to rumble!

Anyone game?

Until tomorrow,


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