January 20, 2010

One Spot; Many Dogs

Just when I’ve vowed NOT to talk about the weather, everything changes. Warm, sunny, and glorious — those are all words to describe our morning.

But I made a promise to write about something else so I’ll let the above pictures speak for themselves.

Everyone got to go to the same spot today. Well, almost everyone. Since the sun was out (oops did it again)…since it was such a glorious day for walking, we called up Jessica and Quillette after our morning of teaching, picked up Monty and headed up to the ridge. Gretchen insisted on a photo and as much as the shadows challenged her, we eventually got some cheery, almost shadowless photos!

Gretchen liked the spot so much, she marched Rosie up there, too!

Everyone was patient during the photo shoot. Even Saber and Gemma sat and posed with some semblance of patience and maturity!

Of course, unlike the rest of us, they had a chance to romp before they visited THE SPOT and I’m certain that took out some of their friskiness. I mean, just look at how they played.

As you can see, they kind of ran themselves silly. That’s why, when the headed up to THE SPOT for their photo, Saber was ready for a rest, though Gemma wasn’t at all!

They only dogs who didn’t get to go to THE SPOT today were Oshi and Perrito. Not because Gretchen didn’t want to, but she was walking four of us at once and well, managing us all up the hill and stairs is a challenge. Besides by then, the weather I’m not supposed to talk about had changed…dramatically!

So we headed over to the tennis courts and played and played and played!

Gretchen thought we’d get tired out, but we kept going and going and going…

At one point, Monty lost his ball to Perrito and I saw this as my time to attack. Monty took the bait and chased me with vigor!

Eventually, Monty stopped playing and begged for a snack. I kept nagging him to play some more, but then Oshi chimed in and agreed, it was time to go. Boo hoo.

As you can tell from Oshi’s photo, the wind was really picking up by then and all those blue skies we’d seen in the morning, were chased away by flat, gray clouds. Instead of hiking up to the spot, Gretchen decided we needed to head home so we walked through the park, around the school, and then back up the little hill to home.

Despite the change in the thing I’m not supposed to talk about (weather!), it was fun to visit THE SPOT with my friends today.

Until tomorrow,


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