January 11, 2010

A Little Bit Grumpy

When it rains like this, I get a little bit grumpy. All of the sudden, my world feels like a bunch of “I can’ts” all lined up in a row and I just can’t seem to overcome them (see! There it is again…another “can’t!”).

I can’t use any photos on my blog, for instance, because Gretchen doesn’t want to expose her camera to the elements and today there were elements like you wouldn’t believe.

I can’t look Gretchen in the eye because she’s either covered up with the hood from her raincoat or her glasses are all steamed up from the rain.

I can’t play at the tennis courts because it’s too slippery and I might hurt myself and I can’t play at the little field because it’s too muddy AND slippery.

I can’t get away from wearing my raincoat and that feels horrible, and I can’t…

Rubes…wait a sec…you’re kind of negative tonight.

I know, Gretchen. I’m sorry, it’s just that I really liked the warm weather and glimpses of sunshine we had this weekend and it really bummed me out that it rained like crazy today.

I know. It kind of bummed me out too, but people won’t want to read your blog if it’s all grumpy and whiny.

Well, I’m just being honest.

But aren’t there good things we could share with our guests?


You know, like when Rosie sneezed and Tyson barked at her.

I wasn’t there. I was drying off from my morning walk to school and back home again.

Okay, well at school, when I gave out the She-roes assignment, the students got all excited and wanted to include you — the Super Dog — in their story. Remember?

Yeah, that was pretty cute. They really like me.

Yep, and sometimes they bring you treats.

Not today…but sometimes they surprise me…

And then you got the extra special food I made for you at lunch.

Now that was mighty tasty. What was in that?

Chicken and cheddar cheese and carrots and apples and oatmeal.

Who would have thought that could taste so good?

And after I walked Rosie and Tyson…

…and dried them off…

…yes, everyone got lots of drying off today…but after I walked them, I came back and got you and we both laughed as we walked Oshi and Perrito…

They were funny. Oshi normally doesn’t like to walk in the rain, but Perrito was kind of annoyed by it too.

He wanted to come faster than Oshi did!

And after we dried them off, we got to walk and play with Saber.

See, you enjoyed Saber today didn’t you?

Yes, he’s growing up to be such a nice young man. I hope his surgery goes well tomorrow.

I’m sure it will.

Is that why we went for a long walk by the lake today because we won’t see him for a couple of days?

Partly, but also because, as you mentioned, there weren’t many places to play today that weren’t goopy or muddy or knee deep puddles.

And how come you didn’t let us swim this afternoon?

Do you really think you would have wanted to?

Well, Saber wanted to and we were already really wet.

True, but I think you would’ve gotten really cold if you’d jumped in the lake.

Saber wouldn’t have been cold, he’s got like an otter-coat!

Great description! But I think he liked the long walk just the same. See, it wasn’t such a bad day was it, Mr. Grumpy?

Not too bad, but I sure hope it’s not this wet tomorrow.

I hate to break it to ya…

No, no, no…my ears are covered! I can’t hear you!

Then I’ll sign off for you…until tomorrow,

Rubin (I still can’t hear you!)

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