December 4, 2009

Waiting for BlueDSC06531

The past few days we’ve had beautiful sun. Even though it’s been cold, the blue sky and winter sun have warmed my spirits so today when I got up, I was really looking forward to more of the same.

One should never hope for a specific kind of weather around here. It’s so unpredictable. About halfway through the day, I turned to Gretchen and said, “I’m still waiting for blue! Where is it?” She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Some days the blue just hides away.”

tree blueHide it did. Or is that Hid it Did? I kind of like the rhyme, but regardless, the blue on showed itself briefly, VERY briefly when Gretchen was out with dogs other than me so she took photos of it as proof that there was some blue out there today.

Blue may have been there, but mostly it was cold, foggy, and then wet — something no one expected, least of all Gretchen who didn’t pack a towel or enough rain gear. Good thing the rain happened on the last part of day!

The day went like this – blue or no blue — First Monty and I fetch Saber for a romp in the fog at the bench guytennis courts followed by a walk through the park. Then Gretchen fed Monty and me lunch while she walked Gemma with Oshi and Perrito. They, too ended up playing at the tennis courts, but Gretchen said it was pretty funny. She’d throw the ball and both dogs we race after it, but then be distracted by chasing the dog running at their side. Neither of them ended up with the ball so Gretchen was the one playing fetch while Perrito and Gemma tried to herd each other.

Oshi got some running in, too, but mostly he just looked at Gretchen and said, “It looks like rain!”

chasing what?The last walk of the day was just like the first — Monty, Saber, and me — but in the middle of it all, not only did Saber and I play “I can steal your ball” and Monty practiced his bench moves — it started to rain and rain really hard. Oops. So much for being prepared!

After we played at the tennis courts, we walked through the park over to the school to say goodbye to our student friend who is moving to a new school. I was glad we got to see him, but all of us are going to really miss him. Gretchen promises we’ll go visit some time, but we’ll no longer see him on a daily basis. Good luck little guy!

Gretchen was going to take pictures, but the blue disappeared and rain came down like crazy water. It was way too wet to pull out the camera so we said our goodbyes and then walked Saber home.

Monty and I ventured back to our house, got a full rub down (so did Gretchen), and then snuggled in separate dog beds content with the day.

“I missed the blue. Did you, Monty?”


Oops…he’s sleeping. More pictures of our day below!

Have a great weekend!


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