December 28, 2009


Humans are curious animals. Or maybe it’s just Gretchen. We spend a lot of time together and when we walk, she often talks to me. I answer with a wag of my tail, the lifting of my ears, or sometimes even a gentle groan or woof, but mostly I listen. That’s what dogs do. They listen. Even though we’d like to be known for more than our listening skills, we must face that the number one reason humans like us so much is because we listen without talking back.

So lately, Gretchen’s been talking all about the upcoming New Year and a thing she calls resolutions. Resolutions appear to be promises humans make to themselves to stop certain behaviors or start others. Case in point, Gretchen would like to stop eating so much fattening food and start up with her yoga routine again. She’d like to stop listening and reading the news so much (she finds it depressing) and start reading books more.

Okay. But I don’t understand the whole resolution part of it. I mean, why now?

As a dog, I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how certain times of the year require certain reflections. Birthdays I kind of understand, but this whole holiday experience, why it was extremely fun visiting my family, the whole gift exchange was so human my canine tummy roiled with the excess. One good ball, one nice water and food dish, a solid tug toy, a soft bed, and friends — what more does a dog need? What more does a human need?

Apparently, they need a lot more. They need to lose weight. They need to eat healthier. They need to exercise more. They need to watch less TV. They need to visit friends or at least call them more. They need to plan a certain vacation or vow to travel where they’ve never traveled before.

Well, with all this talk about resolutions, I have a few of my own:

I resolve to get to know Rosie and perhaps Tyson so that someday we can go on a walk together.

I resolve to teach Perrito to fetch his own ball instead of chasing me around as I go after mine.

I resolve to get Oshi to race around a bit more and not just follow Gretchen.

I resolve to let Saber smell my private parts and not growl at him.

I resolve to teach Saber to walk politely by Gretchen’s side so I’m not pulled along with her.

I resolve to eat the meal served and not beg for cheddar cheese.

I resolve to sleep on my own bed at night and not look longingly at my parents’ bed.

I resolve to try to understand humans more and to continue to be a good listener.

Whew! This could get addictive! I think I’ll just stick to one resolution this year — to be the best dog I can be most of the time!

Until Tomorrow,


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