December 2, 2009

gingershadowShadow Casters

The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is often lost on visitors. Shrouded in gray and skirted by clouds, it’s often hard to see why one would choose to live here, but days like today (and yesterday and apparently tomorrow and the next day) make all that rain and wetness worth it. Today was a day when we couldn’t help but cast shadows. Blue skies, a winter sun, and play time = a recipe for Shadow Casters.

That’s what we were today starting with a short walk with Monty. When Gretchen took us out, we were both kind of tired, but the short walk was just a warm up.


Well, a warm up for Gretchen. After our walk, she left us at home to eat our meals while she grabbed Gemma and Saber for a romp at the tennis courts. And weren’t they surprised when they ran into Ginger! While I was digesting my food (and Monty was digesting as well) Gemma and Saber were playing shadow puppets with Ginger.






Each dog has their own distinct style of play. For Gemma it’s backing her butt into whichever dog she’s trying to play with and for Saber it’s using his large head as a shovel, lifting dogs off the ground as he moves them around the court.



Ginger, it appears, is about being fleet of foot and while she let Gemma butt her and Saber lift her, she would rather play fetch and maybe a little chase. Wish we’d been there. She looks like lots of fun!


Saber went home first and then Gretchen took Gemma out for a little longer. She went home tired, though, her tongue hanging and her ears loose!

Next up were Oshi and Perrito who practiced posing and looking at the camera, casting a few shadows of their own.



The hard part is that they never look at the camera at the same time. Gretchen took about 30 photos and only got ONE like this. Whew!


I guess the boys were watching the shadows =-) off in the distance!

After the boys went home, Jessica called and asked if wanted to go on a walk. Of course we did, so we leashed up, walked over to Jessica and Quillette’s house and then back to get Saber. Quillette was feeling really frisky so we headed over to the tennis courts one more time.

Check out these shadows!









We walked over to the school to check in on our student buddy, but he went home early. Boo hoo. I bet he would have loved to have made shadow puppets with us.

Afterward, Monty, Quillette and I hung out at the house — well, we tried to, but Gretchen got a bee in her bonnet and decided to clean up a bit. It’s hard to dodge the broom when she feels like cleaning! But we did the best we could making sure to stay outside of her cleaning shadow.

Until tomorrow!


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