December 1, 2009

The In-Between Moments

togetherFor a dog, the in-between moments are the time when we are our most philosophical. Unfortunately, some dogs never get in-between moments. They never get time between doing/not doing, the time between food, naps, and rubs on the belly. Instead they either get all doing or all nothing and for them, there is a sadness about their lives that worries me.

Take for instance a dog who must spend his life in a backyard, never allowed to explore the world with his nose. Or a dog who must be quiet all the time or kept from family and friends because she doesn’t know how to behave. The dogs I pity the most are those dogs who must wait in kennels far away from their homes because they have been abandoned or lost or taken away because their “families” did not love them.

Recently, I met a dog who was seeking a new home. Her name was Doris and while we were hoping to get her photograph today on our walk, we were unable to, but all for good reasons. Doris was a lost dog. She lived in California, but the fires they experienced pushed her from her family and home and she wound up in a crowdedOlliedog shelter. Luckily, a kind woman named Ginger took Doris (and many, many others) in. Doris was then passed on as a foster dog to Ollie’s mom who was to love Doris and care for her until she found a home.

Well, this past weekend, before we had a chance to really get to know Doris (or take her picture), Doris was adopted by a nice woman from Portland. That’s so wonderful for Doris though I know Ollie was a bit sad today. That’s why we made sure to spend time with Ollie playing.

sunnysideStill, all this Doris stuff got me to thinking about how many dogs don’t get those in between moments. They don’t get to go out, explore, play, romp, and run and then sleep on their beds and dream about squirrels. They don’t get to lick up a scrumptious meal and then play tug-o-war with anyone. They don’t get to hide under blankets at the end of the day or wait with anticipation for the completion of breakfast so they can go on their morning walk.

There are a lot of dogs out there who don’t have in-between moments — spaces between the love where they can sigh deeply and take in the warmth of their families and the meaning of their lives.

That’s why we’re telling you about Ginger’s Pet Rescue because she understands the importance of those in-between moments. She gets how every dog must be given the opportunity to wag his tail, cock her head, or sleep curled up like a deer in between the games of fetch, the extra-special supper, and the nightly massage. Ginger has rescued a whole bunch of dogs from California and these dogs need foster homes and forever family homes, too. You can find more about Ginger and all her rescues on her website, but we wanted to spread the news through our site as well.

Every dog deserves some in between moments. Here are some of ours from today.

Ollie and I play in the backyard…


Ollie playing (and flying high) with Saber…







Finding a kite in the sky…do you see it, Gemma?

kitelook up

I’m always fascinated by flying things. Today it was an orange kite, but I’m also drawn to airplanes and birds.

You’d think that Gemma, being focused on little things like squirrels, would find flying things interesting, but trust me, it took a lot of effort on my part to get her to look up! Eventually she did!


And then a walk with Gemma where we stood with Mt. Rainier at our backs staring at the dogs walking in the park. Do you see the blue sky? Oh so nice!

Mt. Rainierstaring

Then some play time with Saber first at the little field where Saber found a stick…

runningsaberstick dog




…and where I took a moment to reflect on the in-between…


…and then some play time at the tennis courts where the shadows reminded us of our love of the sunshine and the moments in-between weather…




…and where Saber practiced catching a ball high up in the air!


And finally, before Agility Class, a moment to reflect and relax and count the time in between doing and not doing…


Then off to class where it was too dark to take photographs, but where we both had a grand time even in between!

Until tomorrow,


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