November 25, 2009

Before Giving Thanks

Right now we’re listening to Bob Marley. He’s singing “Taking it easy, taking it slow” and it only seems fitting to be doing so on the day before a holiday. But before we give thanks with our family we want to give thanks for all the joy in our lives.

I know, it sounds kind of sappy, but hey, you’ve got to do it because, well because life is short and there are a lot of happy things in the world. Here are a few of mine:

sleeping inSleeping In

I had such a great time at agility class last night it was impossible to get up this morning. I am thankful that in the morning after Gretchen gets up, she lets me sleep on the big bed where it’s warm and comfy. I got to sleep in for an extra long time this morning and though it looks like I’m complaining about the flash of the camera, I’m really just snuggling under the covers a bit more!

But then the sun came up over the horizon and I realized I had to get to work. Ann and I walked Gretchen to school and then I got to rest at home because, like I said, I had a lot of fun at agility class and I needed to rest.

sun upmoresleeping


montyI know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but I will admit that Monty is my favorite buddy, my best friend ever. Sure I love all my other friends, but Monty has a special place in my heart. I mean, when I was little, Uncle Monty taught me the ropes. He taught me how to play, how eat, how look for squirrels, how to fetch, how to wrestle, how to beg for treats — the list goes on and on. He’s always been pretty patient with me and whenever we see each other, he’s as excited to see me as I am to see him. I love that we get to spend two days a week together. Of course, though he’s taught me a lot, I have yet to learn why it’s fun to jump on the bench while playing at the tennis courts.

get the balljumpdown



2friendsYes, playing with Monty is my most favorite thing in the world, but playing in general is fun in general. Today we got to play with Saber…twice! First in the morning on the tennis courts where Saber bulldozes me across the courts or stalks me while I run away from him.

Then we got to play in the afternoon where we busted out on the little field and ran and ran and ran again and again and again. I like that very much. Here are the photos from both our play sessions with Saber. Notice who thinks a stick is far more fun than a ball? Silly guy!




Okay, I had to learn how to share and while I’m not the best at it yet, I am learning the value of sharing my time, my toys, and my moms. Today I had to share Gretchen AND my toys with Oshi and Perrito. The boys got to go out while Monty and I rested after lunch. We always have to rest after lunch even though we’d both rather go out and play more, but Gretchen says it’s healthier for us to digest our food before we run around.

So while we rested, the boys, in their new hairdos, got to play. Lucky them!






Now, I know you think that playing fetch is playing, but there’s something special about playing fetch in an open field. The grass (and mud) get between your toes and teeth, the wind whisks through your hair, and you get to be with your buddies. While I like to play at the tennis courts (less dirty) and Monty and Saber do too…




…but we also LOVE to play fetch in the big open field!




My Family

I have lots of friends, but I really have a nice human family, too. Tomorrow I get to see Grandma and Grandpa and that is always fun. They have a big fat raccoon who lives under their deck and oh, it’s such fun to sniff and smell and see if that raccoon is out and about. Grandma’s a really good cook so I can hardly wait to see (and smell) the wonders she’ll whip up tomorrow and the wonders that may drop on the floor.


I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break. That’s what we’re going to do tomorrow and through the weekend! I’m really looking forward to it!

So until then…and please have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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