November 19, 2009

Not a Day for Cameras

We packed up the camera today, but I’m not sure why. We never had a chance to pull it out because of the rain. Okay, I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about the rain again, but there you have it. Rain. Lots of it. Too much for us to take pictures, so I took it upon myself to ask the dogs we walked today a question.

This is the question: If you could vacation away from this rain, where would you go? And here are their answers:

First up was Ollie. He looked at me and said, “There are other places to go? Really?” And then he said, “Well, I’d very much like to be somewhere warm and dry. I’d very much like to be curled up by a fireplace.”

While we don’t have Photoshop to insert faces into different scenes, we did search for what we like to call “Brochure Photos”…photos of where we think our friends would like to vacation.

So here is what Ollie looks like (on a dry day) and here is where he’d rather be on a rainy day.


Next up was Gemma (they actually walked together, Ollie and Gemma) and she had a much different place she wanted to vacation on a rainy day. “Can I go anywhere?” she asked, and then listed off a million different vacation spots. Here are just a few — first, Gemma on a dry day and next her top vacation spots!



After Ollie and Gemma went home (soaking wet though Gretchen dried them off!), Rosie was next. Now for Rosie, every vacation spot MUST include Tyson, her brother and soulmate, but it must also contain love and warmth and most importantly, cookies! Here’s Rosie on a dry day, and here are all the things she’d need on her vacation.



Rosie got toweled off after her wet walk, too, and then we headed up to get Woobie. And wouldn’t you know it, no camera in Gretchen’s backpack and it stops raining. Well, I suppose it’s only fair that she must tell us her favorite vacation spot, too. “Vacation? You mean, we’re not on vacation now?” Isn’t she sweet? Woobie thinks any vacation would include dog friends and lots and lots of play time! So here is Woobie on a dry day and here is Woobie’s brochure for her vacation spots!



Woobie and I walked to Saber’s house and let me tell you, getting him to focus on a vacation spot was like nailing down Jello. In the end, we got him to confess his love for Gemma. “Can I go where Gemma goes on vacation?” he asked. And then added, “And I want to go where I can swim again. I really liked swimming.”

Of course, we could have gone swimming today with the depth of the rain puddles, but I have a feeling Saber was thinking of something a bit warmer. Anyway, here is Saber on a dry day and here he is vacationing in the same spot as Gemma!



I know the photos aren’t as fun as the ones we take only because they aren’t pictures of the actual dogs we walk, but you have to admit, it’s pretty interesting to know where all our dog friends want to vacation, isn’t it?

Me? All I can think about is the upcoming vacation — Thanksgiving — and the possibility of gravy for dinner. Yum, yum, yum!

Until tomorrow!


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