November 18, 2009

In My Stead

montagueToday, I had to go to the Spaw. When I found out, I was miffed because going to the Spaw meant I couldn’t play with the dogs today. Monty walked me up to Dog Mania and while I has happy to see Liliana, the groomer, I was sad when Gretchen and Monty walked out the door leaving me to the bath, the dryer, the clippers, and all the other stuff they do to me.

And so Monty, my dear and faithful friend, had to take over my duties as a dog dog walker. I asked him if he wanted to write the blog and all he said to me was, “Dude, I’m way too tired.”

So, not only did I have to spend the day being preened and primped, not only did I miss out on the walks and the romps and the treats and seeing my friends, I now must write about a day I didn’t have much to do with.



I sure look pretty!

And just in time for the upcoming holiday!

looking pretty

And as you can see, I shouldn’t complain. It was a slow day at the Spaw and while I wasn’t the only dog there, there were so few of us that I got to go out on the last adventure of the day. And what an adventure it was!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After Monty dropped me off at the Spaw, he and Gretchen walked down to Saber’s house where an excited Saber could hardly contain himself. While I know he missed me, well, everyone likes Uncle Monty so Saber was happy to have a playmate. They didn’t exactly play on this first visit, they just went for a walk, but to Saber that was golden!

And so was the sun. Yes, though it’s raining like crazy right now and the wind is howling, most of the day is was windy and sunny, as you can see from the photos…


Yes, that’s even blue sky behind Monty and Saber. The sky was actually magnificent today or at least, that’s what Monty tells me and as I looked at the photographs from the day, I could tell even Gretchen was mesmerized by the sky…

…and the snow in the mountains!

CascadesMt. Rainier

Of course, Gretchen switched out her zoom lens for a regular one and so she was disappointed that she couldn’t quite get the shots she wanted. Still, you can tell the clouds and the sky were mighty volatile today.

After Monty walked Saber home, Monty got to rest at our house since he’d just eaten his lunch and has to be careful not to bloat. He appreciated the rest while Gretchen headed over to Gemma’s house for a big outing in the volatile. They headed down through Frink Park first where Gemma got to smell the wet ground and look at the destruction the wind had already made to the park.

smells gooddowned tree



After they played in the park, they walked down by the lake and then headed toward the tunnel where Gretchen was once again captivated by the mountains and the sky…oh, and Gemma!

moresnowmore mountain


After Gemma went home, Gretchen picked up Monty again and then they picked up the boys next door — Oshi and Perrito. And still no rain. The boys liked that and begged Gretchen to go over to the tennis courts where they could run in the wind!


While Monty played fetch and hung out on his bench…



Perrito pushed around a ball with his nose, grunting the whole time, and Oshi turned his nose to the ever increasing wind.

oshi runpushpush

Oshi and Perrito went home pretty tired, but Monty still had work to do and while they were getting ready to go out again, Gretchen got a call that I was ready for pick up! Yippee! And to make things even sweeter, Jessica called and asked if we wanted to go for a walk. So Gretchen leashed up Monty, walked up to Jessica and Quillette’s house, then over to Saber’s house and then they came to pick up me! What a handful we all were, so very excited to see each other, so Jessica and Gretchen decided to head back down to the tennis courts to let us burn off some of our unbridled energy!



And guess who had the most energy of all…nope, not me! Monty



Of course, we all got a little wild (must have been the wind) so we had to take rest stops in between our play time.


But that didn’t last too long…at least, not for Saber. He was thrilled to have so many friends to play with!

skinmangot it

comehereall together

Of course, then we had to pose for the treat, which took a lot of finagling on Jessica and Gretchen’s parts. Yes, that’s Jessica’s hand trying to get us to stay!

jessica's handstillwaiting


We dropped off a very tired Saber and then walked over to the school to meet up with our student for the third day in a row! We asked Jessica if Quillette could join us and so, Quillette, Monty, and I waited outside the school and then went for a walk in the wind. The student used Gretchen’s camera to take our photos. The student really likes us, but he has a special warm spot for Q and Monty. Okay, he likes me too and showed me so by picking me up and rubbing my newly washed soft hair against his face!



So even though I had to go to the groomer and even though my best friend had to cover for me, the day ended on a pretty good note. Of course, it’s now super stormy out and the branches keep smacking against the house, but all and all it was a fun day!

Until tomorrow!


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