November 16, 2009

Getting Out While the Getting Out is Good

puddleA little over a year ago we started our business — Wags n’ Words — a dog walking, freelance writing service. While we’ve had success in both venues, in only one area — the dog walking — do we get wet.  I mean really wet. This was the case today. The weather forecast was ominous from the beginning — high winds, lots of rain, and possible flooding. Possible flooding? Usually the flooding happens elsewhere, not so much here in the city, though there have been cases in the past where the flood waters have caused massive damage and even killed people and animals.

We haven’t had that kind of weather for a few years now, but it looks like this winter may just turn out to be one of those kind of winters. Evidence of potential flooding was everywhere today. Pools of water expanded on grassy areas and puddles turned into lakes on many of the roads. We’d walk along and hear SPLASHSPLASHSPLASH as cars dove into those lakes over and over again. And of course, there was the SPLASHSPLASHSPLASH of our feet and boots in the rain.

I usually don’t mind getting wet, but I have to say, even today I was a bit reluctant to go out.

Even more, I was reluctant to go out in my red raincoat. But Gretchen insisted.

I walked to school in my red raincoat though all the way, I tried to lick it off of me. It didn’t work. It never works. Luckily, though, I didn’t have to wear it on my way back home. The rain wasn’t as bad this morning as it was later in the afternoon so while I didn’t have to wear it every time we went for a walk, I did have to wear it this afternoon and man, was it awful.unhappy

Of course Gretchen would tell you that the weather was awful and since she went through two raincoats herself, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

The day started, as I’ve noted, with a work session at school. I helped the students with their writing assignments and then Gretchen brought me back home to rest up and eat my belated breakfast while she fetched Rosie and Tyson both of whom had to wear their coats. Apparently, Tyson isn’t so fond of his raincoat either though he doesn’t, Gretchen informs me, try to lick it off. Instead, he just avoids putting it on. I try that too, but it doesn’t work. I always end up wearing my coat if Gretchen wants me to wear it.

So, the weather made it difficult to take a lot of photographs today. Gretchen took some, but to protect her camera, she only took a few. First up, the coat wearing Boxers — Rosie and Tyson playing fetch at the tennis courts before their walk through the park.


Yes, both Rosie and Tyson are giving that look, that look that says, “Do you realize how wet it is out here?” To which Gretchen responds, “Yep, but let’s play anyway!”

Rosie wasn’t so sure about playing. Instead, she kept her nose at Gretchen’s treat pocket and tiptoed through the puddles trying to avoid getting wet. Good luck. Meanwhile, Tyson played fetch, but without much enthusiasm, though he was sad when Gretchen put the ball away and announced that maybe it was a better idea to go for a walk than slide around in the puddles of the tennis courts.



nomorefetchlet's go

Next up, Oshi and Perrito who sopped up water like mops. We played at the tennis courts, too since it’s ironically the driest place to play and definitely the cleanest.

Oshi wasn’t buying it. I was having a hard time buying it, too, but I did my best playing fetch and letting Perrito chase after me, though sometimes it got a little annoying.





When Gretchen toweled off the boys, her towel was soaking wet! She had to get a new one to towel me off. And then we got to hang out at the house for a bit where I dried off even more, but a lot of good that did me because by the time we got Saber, the skies had opened up and the rain was really coming down.

Did that stop Saber? Not on your life!


And when Gemma and her Dad showed up, Saber was oblivious to the rain! In fact, he got so hot from chasing Gemma around, he cooled himself off in a puddle. Yep, in a puddle!




After playing hard for awhile, we walked through the park and over to the school to meet up with our student. We didn’t think he’d want to come out and play, but he was all ready for us when we arrived — warm coat and all. Saber was thrilled to see him and the student was equally excited to see us, though not so thrilled about the rain.

Once our visitation was over, we took Saber home and soaked up yet another towel wiping the puppy off. Of course, Saber’s not really puppy-sized is he?

The weather report calls for high winds again tonight and then again tomorrow along with more rain. While we’ll try to get outside while the getting outside is good, something tells me that my raincoat drying in the bathroom will be called into service once again.


Until tomorrow,


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