November 11, 2009

buddiesOn a Day Like This…

On a day like this…

It’s important to spend time with friends. After the weather has crippled your every move and the sun finally comes out, it’s important to call up your best buddy and see if maybe he can take a walk by the lake with you.

On a day like this, it’s important to put your nose in the air and smell that fresh air, the air washed clean after days and days of wind and rain.

On a day like this, you should count the leaves that have fallen, watch the birds bob on the water, and count the steps between here and there and then back again.

On a day like this, you should walk as close to your best friend as possible because who knows when you’ll be able to do it again.


On a day like this, take a moment to look ahead. Check out the view and ignore the clouds.

sewardparkthe lake

On a day like this, pause, reflect, and ponder. The world is an enormous place and you are merely one existence in a world of birds and trees and water and wind.

On a day like this, stop an pose. Don’t look straight ahead because that’s what you always do. Look around and then look around some more. Then look straight ahead. You’ll be surprised by what’s right next to you.

Look around

look rightstraight ahead

On a day like this, invite your friends to play. Let them chew on your ears, share your toys, and wrestle you to the ground.


On a day like this, even if you know it’s coming, let your best friend get away with grabbing your neck!


On a day like this, never leave your best friend’s side (or stomach)…



On a day like this, be friendly and welcoming to strangers…even if they don’t stop and play with you…


On a day like this, especially in the warm sunny spots, run with wild abandon and glee…


On a day like this, look off into the distance and notice all that you see. On a day like this, take a moment to be pensive.


And then, when the pensive mood is through, be curious on a day like this…


On a day like this, find a view you’ve seen a million times before and commit it to memory.


On a day like this, have someone else take your picture and gather together all of your friends…



On a day like this, even though you think you might be tired, go out one more time to play and don’t get upset if someone steals your toys…


…and I mean all of your toys…

bothballsnew toy

And on a day like this, don’t tell your young friend that what he thinks is a toy really isn’t. You don’t want to ruin his fun.

On a day like this, be thankful that not a drop of rain fell on you. Be grateful that you are surrounded by furry friends. Be happy that your work is your play and your play is never work.

On a day like this, eat a hearty dinner, cuddle up next to the feet of someone special, and dream about days like this.

Until Tomorrow,


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