October 9, 2009

Okay, I’ll Admit It

tired puppyThis, my friends, is the look of one very tired puppy. It’s been a fun week, but it’s also made me, sorry for the pun, dog tired. While I got to walk and play with some of my friends today, Gretchen was kind enough to leave me at home for a rest day and I much appreciated it. Yes, during the week Gretchen probably walks farther than I do, but she doesn’t have to play with the dogs like I do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those play times very much, but they can take a toll on my body and my stamina. And today, I felt that toll right down to the tip of my very curly tail.

So, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to present the day’s work with only a few words and mostly photos.

Don’t worry. I’ll be my old self next week after a nice weekend of rest, but boy do I ever need that weekend of rest!

Here goes…first up, was Woobie and Saber — yes, together — and while Woobie stayed out of our way, Saber and I knocked about in the yard. Oh, and we walked, too. Lots. In between Saber’s house and Woobie’s we hoofed it down through the parks and up through the neighborhoods.

new friendstough dogs


lying in waitare they done yet?

See all those wet spots by Woobie? Well, when Woobie takes a drink, there’s usually a trail of spots in her wake. Who could blame her with hair like this…

wet mouth

Woobie is such happy and patient dog, there was no way Saber wasn’t going to like. With much dog wrangling on Gretchen’s part, she even got a photo of all three of us, though it looks like I’m chewing on thyme…(chewing on time?).

chewing on time

Saber and I walked Woobie home and then I walked Saber back to his house. Then Gretchen and I picked up Oshi and Perrito from next door, went on a walk, and then all hung out on the back porch. Oshi and Perrito really liked that as often they see us playing in the backyard from their deck.

together boyssmelling time

flower doglampshade

on the bench

Gretchen left me behind and took the boys home then walked over to meet up with Bella who was a very well-behaved dog today. So well-behaved, in fact, Gretchen walked her down to the lake where Bella splashed around in the water! She loved it! Bella, that is.

splashlet's go

get the ballgot it

Bella was not only interested in the water. She was also VERY interested in the young couple picnicking by the lake. Luckily, Gretchen had a leash on Bella though Bella begged to have Gretchen take it off. No can do, sweetpea!


After a few more splashes, Bella headed home with Gretchen and then Gretchen stopped by Saber’s house one last time for the last walk of the day. He was tired, too, so they went for a walk to the dog park to check out the action. On their way, they stopped for a photo shoot at the peace sculpture.

peace archsmile guy

At the peace sculpture are a bunch of different rocks, supposedly for people to sit on. Once again, Gretchen put on her wrangler’s hat and did her best to get young Saber to pose on the rock.

Nice work…both of you!

on the rock

When they got to the dog park, there was only one dog playing. Gretchen decided it might be fun for Saber to run around a little so in they went. Saber had a great time with his new friend, Byron!


But Saber was pretty tuckered from our long walk earlier, his romp time with me, and the running around with Byron, so when he got back home, he crawled into his crate and curled right up for a nap.

Speaking of naps, I was doing fine catching my forty winks until Jessica showed up with Quillette. When Gretchen got home, Quillette sang her joy in the back yard and then sidled up for some rump scratches. Quillette loves her rump scratched as you can tell from her happy smile.

happy Qrump smile

I love Jessica and Quillette and I was happy to hang with them, but I have to admit I am glad this day is officially over!

Get some rest everyone! We’ll be back at it on Monday.

Until then,


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