October 14, 2009

Dry Spots

dry benchI’ll admit it up front. We don’t have a lot of photos today simply because the rain deterred us. I know, you’re thinking, why are Oshi and Perrito dry?

Good question. We should have taken a photo of the sky. When Gretchen took this photo, the sky was actually blue above us, but just to the south, the sky was a black sheet rippling towards us.

So, while our walk with Oshi and Perrito (and Monty, too) started out dry, it ended just when that black sheet ripped wide open with a heavy downpour and gusty winds.

Jeez. How soon one forgets what a good rainstorm can do to your curly coat. All day long we just hunted for dry spots so Gretchen could take photos and we could all open our eyes — something that’s hard to do when the rain is coming at you sideways.

So first up was a relatively dry walk with Monty, Oshi, and Perrito. Yes, Gretchen took all four of us out even though we’re a handful, in hopes of avoiding too much walking in the rain. As it was, she went through 3 raincoats, two pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of socks. Me? I’m just super curly right now!

look at the skycoming in sideways

We dropped off the boys, as I’ve said, just as the skies opened up. Monty and I then went to get Saber while Gretchen pulled her rain gear out of her backpack. Saber didn’t seem to mind the water, but in order to get a photograph, we had to find yet another dry spot. This time, the tunnel!

sort of drytunnel

Monty and I saw Saber twice today and both times it was raining like the dickens (an expression I like way more than it was raining cats and dogs…whoever thought of that?). So, this afternoon, we didn’t take any photographs of the three of us because frankly, it was way too soggy.

After our first walk with Saber, Gretchen took Monty and me home, gave us a good rub down, fed us some lunch, and then headed over (in the car, something she rarely does) to fetch Bella. Bella was a little miffed that she had to wear my raincoat, but by the time they headed out the door, the rain was thick and drenching. I guess she really needed the coat. In fact, the only dry spot was when they returned back to Bella’s house and Gretchen attempted to dry off Bella in the back of the car. Bella was 1) Not so sure about the back of the car…


2) Not convinced she needed drying off, but I’ll let the photo tell the truth…

wet dog

And 3) would rather play with the towel than get rubbed down. Silly girl.

After walking Saber and Monty one more time and walking both of them home, we ate our dinners and then headed out for one last walk with Wilson. Well, I didn’t get to go. I was told I had to rest, but I really wanted to go out because it wasn’t raining and I’d get to play with Wilson. Gretchen insisted, so I decided to type up the blog until she returned with photos.

Guess what? Gretchen just got back and not only did she play with Wilson, but Dixie, Gypsy, AND Saber were out and about. Man, I really missed some fun! Oh well, I got the blog done. That’s one consolation!

night rompdark wilson

can't see?with Dixie

It got too dark to get everyone’s photograph, but when Gretchen came home, I could certainly smell my friends on her. Darn it all!

The rest of the week looks like the same kind of weather. Jeez. And I complained about the heat this summer. What was I thinking?

Until tomorrow,


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