October 13, 2009

All This and Agility, Too?

come here!Let me tell you about my day. Full. Full. Full. So full my paws are sloppy on this keyboard. Truly, I’ve walked dogs all day and then, as a treat, I got to go to agility class. Oh how I love agility class. It’s been awhile since we last attended, but Gretchen was impressed by how much I remembered. I can’t say I was as impressed with what she remembered, but I’ll forgive her. She walked every dog today. I just walked a few.

She was really nice that way because she let me rest up because she knew I had class tonight. So I shouldn’t complain. I might be tired, but she must be wiped.

And here’s why…

First up was a busy morning at school. Both of us went. I helped the students get settled down to work and Gretchen read to them from this novel they’ve been working through. Oh, the kids love that book and so do I especially after I curl up under one student’s desk or another. Gretchen’s voice just puts me to sleep. Ollie

But then it was down to walking and that job started with Ollie who we picked up on our way to Saber’s house!

Ollie and Saber always like to see each other, but then Ollie spends his time looking for squirrels and Saber spends his time trying to figure out where we’re going and when those treats are going to come out of Gretchen’s pocket.

Well, today we went for a nice walk and then came back to the house for a bit of a romp. Truth of the matter, Saber and I mostly romped while Ollie, being of a more delicate nature, watched us. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He stepped in every now and then — I call it play wrestling — but all and all, Ollie likes to stay clean.

watchingmore watching

staying cleancircling up

in the mixchasing

sitting downfly by

chargelet's play

arghsitting pretty

The weather report warned of heavy rain and lots of wind. No such thing on this first walk, but by the time Gretchen took Saber home (after Ollie went home) a few sprinkles came down. Enough sprinkles that her next dog, as I was rest at home, had to wear her raincoat. Better her than me!

The next dog? Sweet Rosie!

rainingleaf dog

Isn’t she pretty in the leaves? Gretchen had to take this shot under the trees because of all the dogs that got walked today, Rosie’s was the wettest. Good thing she has a nice raincoat. Good thing I never had to wear one!

Next up was Gemma, who also got to spend some times in the leaves!

leaveslooking like a leaf

Now, if you’ve been paying close attention to my dog blog, you’ll notice something new and different about Ms. Gemma.

Yes, she isn’t wearing a cast, but that’s not it. She has a new collar — a spiffy braided collar with a bone clasp. Sweet.

new collar

Gretchen kept expecting more rain, so much more that she put my red coat onto Bella when they went for a walk. While it rained some, the rain really started to wane by the time they were under way. Me? I’m resting comfortably at home in a dry house without wearing a raincoat! Yippee! Bella first went to the tennis courts before her walk. According to Gretchen, she’s really got the hang of playing fetch. You go, girl!

nice coatyou like?

Doesn’t Bella look good in that coat? So good, I think we should donate it to her.

Wait one minute, mister!

Sorry, Gretchen. I didn’t realize you were reading over my shoulder. Let’s look at some of those other photos you took today, okay?


funny earmy bottom's wet

Okay, now that I look more closely, that coat doesn’t quite fit Bella now, does it? Oh well. I guess I get to keep it. Yippee (limp yippee, that is!)

After their play time, Bella and Gretchen went for a walk up to the gardens where there’s a dog bowl so Bella can catch a drink after playing fetch. On the way, Gretchen saw this!


Yep, that’s a hawk. Gretchen thinks it’s a Cooper’s hawk, but she couldn’t get too close because…well, this happened!


The lighting wasn’t the best – all those gray clouds — but Gretchen was thrilled to have snapped these photos. Usually the hawk flies away (yes, we’ve seen it before) when she’s trying desperately and quietly trying to get her camera out of her backpack.

Bella went home fairly dry and by the time we picked up Saber again, the sky was clearing up, though Gretchen’s camera had drops of rain still on it from the shots of the hawk.


still chasinggoing under

Aside from chasing me and following me everywhere I go, Saber LOVES to go under me. I kind of hate it, but what’s a dog to do? Of course, Saber is getting the hang of fetch, too, and in fact, is doing a great job catching the ball in air…or trying to!

get readyget it!

gonna get itcute boy

Saber and Gretchen walked him home for more rest and then Saber got to rest as well, but at his house. Gretchen headed over to get Wilson who got to play fetch by himself, though on his way back to his house, they picked me up for the rest of the walk. That was nice.

wilson leavesthrow it again

Those leaves still capture the camera, don’t they?

fetch timepretty boy

I wish I’d gotten to play fetch with Wilson, but I guess it was important for me to rest up for my agility class. Oh boy, that was really fun, but it’s way too dark to take photos of me flying over jumps, weaving through the poles, and making the teeter-totter go down. Besides, Gretchen is too busy telling me which way to go and when to stop. It would be impossible for her to take photos at the same time.

Oh well.

Until tomorrow,


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