September 7, 2009

A Day of Laborlooking up to me

With the amount of rain we’ve had falling lately, I guess it’s fair to say that summer if really over. Fall is here and even though there are predictions for warmer temperatures later this week, I’m not fooled. Yesterday, I hardly got to go out nor was I all that interested in going out. The rain came down in sheets and then there was thunder off in the distance. This all made me very nervous, though later, as I realized I wouldn’t be playing much outdoors, I really got antsy in the evening.

But today is a new day and as I type, another cloud just opened up over the house. I can hear the not-so-soft pitter patter of rain once again playing a loud symphony on our roof. Great.

Being Labor Day and all, when most humans have the day off, our work was light today. We started with is home that way?Oshi and Perrito. Luckily, we didn’t have to walk in the rain with them. The clouds stayed closed until we got home.

We walked down to the park, but every where was occupied — the small field, the tennis courts, even the large field — so we decided to play in the grassy area by the play sets where no one was playing.

Well, we were.

Okay, Perrito and I were. Oshi just sat there, uninterested in anything except sitting as close to Gretchen’s pack as he could and then, when it was time to go, racing ahead to lead the way.


come herestill playing

home yet?sitting pretty

Next up was Bella. Gretchen walked her alone at first since that seems to be the best way to get her to listen. She’s so interested in everything that if I walk along, she can’t focus on heeling or walking in a straight line. The weather seemed to hype her up even more. So after their walk, they came back to the house where Bella and I got to roll around in the wet grass. Gretchen wasn’t too pleased as I had just had a bath, but I was thrilled and in turn, Bella was pretty excited as well. We didn’t get to play long, though, because the rain really started to come down and Gretchen wanted to protect the camera.

wet playmore wet play

Notice, if you will, which of us is wearing my red raincoat. Yep, I avoided wearing it one more time!

rolling aroundnice coat!

We walked Bella back to her house, gave her a nice rub down, and then picked up baby Saber only he’s not so baby any more. He’s growing by pounds every day and is, in fact, heavier (though smaller) than me. Amazing. We went to the park where he chased me while I chased the ball, but it didn’t take long for him to tire out.

big dog runningcloser


sun's outlying in wait

As you can see, the rain went away for awhile and we got to play in the sunshine. Saber is doing really well with his recall commands. It’s probably because he’s quick to notice the treats in Gretchen’s pocket. He’ll do just about anything to get one…or two…or three or four!

I'm comingsitting for a treat

treat waitplease?

To finish off, we went for a short walk through the park so he could cool down before we rubbed him down, too, and left him at his home to rest before his parents returned.

That was it for work today. Not too much labor, though when we got home there was baking to do, soup to make, and sprucing up the house for Quillette’s arrival. She went camping this weekend, poor girl! This weather must have made for one soggy dog! I bet she’ll be as happy to see me as I will be to see her!

Until tomorrow,


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