September 28, 2009

The Wind Began to Switch, The House to Pitch and Suddenly the Hinges Started to Unhitch…

windyNot sure this picture does the wind justice, but today was windy. The kind of wind that made Gretchen’s cheeks red and my hair blow all around. We haven’t had this much air moving in a long, long time and while it bothered me when my tail would swoosh around, it was kind of fun to feel the energy in the windy day.

Everyone felt it. Everyone. One dog after the next was full of excitement and uncontainable (is that a word?) energy. We were all frisky and wired. We chased after leaves blowing by and threw our heads up to watch the clouds chase each other across the sky.

It made me think of the Wizard of Oz and when we got done with the day, I asked Gretchen to put in the tape while she ran to the store to get both my dinner and one for her and Ann. While she was shopping, I replayed the house whirling around in the twister over and over and knew exactly how Toto felt being whisked up and up and up. That’s exactly how I felt today. Luckily, the little munchkins I spend my time with don’t break into song, but if they did, I imagine they would have sung something from one of my favorite movies. “We represent the lolliPUP guild…”

There wasn’t any wind in the beginning of the day when Gretchen took me for my own walk this morning. Nope, it was sunny and cold, but by the time she picked up Tyson and Rosie for their walk, the sun was getting pushed around by a stiff breeze.

stiff breezetractor pose

They headed up to Bradner Gardens for a photo shoot by the tractor in the last bit of blue sky-sunlight. Rosie, apparently, was feeling clownish and hung close to her brother, Tyson.  Can you see her under Tyson’s barrel chest? Too cute.

Rosie the Clown

They had a nice walk and smiled their delight every time Gretchen pointed the camera in their direction.

happy Thappy R

While the wind was picking up, it was still enough to get these two excited and Gretchen tells me they pranced around like two models on the runway. The only way she could get any photos of them was to bribe them with cookies, which of course, works like a charm for these two!

After she dropped them off at home, she picked up Ms. Gimp…I mean, Ms. Gemma who was thrilled the second Gretchen headed back to our house. Gemma really wanted to roughhouse, but Gretchen said absolutely not since she still has her back leg in a cast…Gemma, that is! So we posed. In the wind. If you look closely, my hair is blowing around. Gemma’s isn’t, but she showed some signs of discomfort with the wind in her eyes!

ear wind

ears upeye wind

Gemma goes to the vet tomorrow and we all have our paws crossed that the green ball and chain (aka – the cast) comes off and Gemma can run like the wind!

We dropped Gemma off and then headed up to get Bella. Oh boy! She’s usually a little more energetic on a Monday, but with the wind, she was about ready to take flight! Gretchen took us right to the tennis courts so I could help Bella burn off some of her excess energy before we worked on her training!

runningears up2

chaseears again

On her walk home from school today, Gretchen found a lacrosse ball. She let me play with it at the courts, but then you-know-who stole it! Oh, I had to be so, so patient!

you know who

keep awayexcuse me

By this time the wind was really swirling and though Bella didn’t take flight, her ears sure did! And she got so frisky she violated a very important dog rule — be careful where you put your nose!!!

windy earsdon't go there

The racing around helped Bella focus a bit more, but every time the leaves blew past her, she thought it was an invitation to scurry ahead! Whew!

Bella headed home and then Gretchen and I picked up the newly groomed neighbors — Oshi and Perrito! The wind got under their skin too, so we headed back to the courts to let them run around. Even Oshi took part in the frolicking! Yes, he’s running in this picture…not as fast as Perrito, but he’s still running!

runningear running

that's betterwindy day

look what I foundi'm running

close upnose to the wind

We ate some lunch after dropping the boys back home and then we picked up Saber who was, by far, the most wound up by the wind than any other dog we walked today. And…he grew taller and heavier over the weekend. He’s as tall as me now and really knows how to throw his weight around!

tug toyweight around

As you can see from the photos, we brought him back to our house because we wanted Jessica to meet him. Yep, Jessica’s back from India and I, for one, am very happy about it! She LOVES to play tug with me and I love it, too!

tug timetug2

I wasn’t the only one who was happy. Jessica was just as happy to play with me as she was to meet Saber. She, like Gretchen, loves Saber’s skin, which at this point is in excess. He’s growing into it. He also showed off all his tricks by sitting when she asked, lying down when commanded, and Jessica’s personal favorite – shaking paws!

skin boyshake!

But once the love-fest was over, Saber and I got down to business and played until we couldn’t stand any more!

play barkgentle tug


Yes indeed. It was a windy start to the week. I’m one tuckered pooch having to entertain the wild and wiggy pups who breezed through our day. So off to bed for me. Looks like rain tomorrow. Who knows how that will play out!

Until tomorrow,


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