September 25, 2009

say what?Uh, Wait Just One Minute!

It’s Friday. I work on Fridays. Okay, I got to work this morning when I went to Gretchen’s school and met all of her students. And, I might add, I was a really good boy. But then…THEN I was marched up to Dog Mania with Oshi and Perrito to get groomed!!!!

Do you know what that means? That means that I didn’t get to work today. Sure, I hung out with Oshi and Perrito while we got clipped and shampooed and combed and spruced up, but I didn’t get to do all the fun stuff I normally get to do.

Bummer. I better call in Gretchen to see what happened today. Hey Gretchen?

Yeah, buddy?

Can you come here a minute?

Sure thing. What’s up?

Well, that’s kind of what I wanted to ask you. What did you do today, since I was left at the “spaw.”

I know buddy, but now you’re all clean and clipped and good to go for another six weeks. So, after I dropped you off, Monty and I walked up to get Woobie.monty/woobie

Woobie was on the schedule?

Yep, sorry, I know how much you like seeing her.

I bet she was happy to see Monty, though.

Thrilled! We went for a walk back to our house and along the way, they sat for a photograph at the library. Monty asked Woobie which way she normally went on walks and she pointed in the opposite direction.

that wayIs that the library behind them?

Yep, the one with all the windows.

We’ve passed by there a few times, but I’ve never had my photo taken there.

Well, next week when we walk Woobie, I’ll be sure to get a shot of you two by the windows.

Did Woobie even ask about me?

Oh yeah. In fact, when we got to the house, she raced up the front steps to see if you would be on the other side of the

But I wasn’t.

Nope. Quillette was there and you know how grumpy she can be when she meets new dogs….

Especially girl dogs…

Right, so I sent Woobie around the side yard and she raced back there to try and find you.

Wish I’d been there.

I know, Rubin, but I know you had fun with Liliana today.

Yeah, I like her a lot…except when she has the clippers in her hand or that comb! Oh well. Did Monty play with Woobie?

Somewhat. Mostly they just hung out together in the backyard with Monty looking up the back steps to the forbidden zone!


Did Q ever get to meet Woobie?

Eventually. Take a look at these…

on the porchon the porch2

I see Quillette still has her leash on.

Yes, well, she knows I mean business about being nice when she has her leash on.

What next?

Well, Woobie and I walked over to Bella’s house.

You’re kidding?

No, and along the way we ran into Gemma and her dad.

Don’t tell me you all walked together — Bella, Woobie, and Gemma?

Okay, I won’t tell you, but that’s what we did.

Do you have photographic proof?

Sorry. My hands were full even though Gemma was being walked by her dad, but I did take these photos when we got to Woobie’s house.

Woobie's housewoobie's house2

at the door

Why’s Woobie looking at the door in that last shot?

I think she’d had enough of Bella’s energy.

She looks like she’s behaving herself quite nicely, though.

Yes, it took some doing, but she did very well today with all the doggie distractions. In fact, she did so well, I took her to the park to play some fetch on the long line.

fetch timethrow the ball

prancinggot the ball

It looks like she had fun. Did she ask about me?

where's rubin?Is he coming?

I don't see him!What do you think she’s saying in these pictures?

Uh, “do you have the treats?”

Nope, she’s asking where you are.

What did you tell her?

The truth.

Was she shocked?

No, she goes to the groomer, too, you know.

No way. What’s there to groom?

She needs to get her fur washed and her nails clipped just like you?

Wow, I never thought about that before. I’m glad she asked about me, though because I haven’t been able to see her as much lately and I kind of miss her.

That’s sweet.

Okay, who was next?

Well, I had a bit of a break after I dropped Bella off so I went back home and spent some time with Monty and Quillette.

I bet they missed me.

Terribly. They both kind of moped around not sure what to do with themselves, but then they went with me to get Saber.

three friends

You played fetch, didn’t you?

Yeah, sorry, but Monty really wanted to and Saber really wanted to do what Monty did.

following the big guyhanging with the big guy

rollingI see Monty did what he likes to do the most…

Roll around?

It does feel good.

Especially after you’ve had a bath and a day at the groomers, huh Rubin?

Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking.

Well, maybe tomorrow you can roll around somewhere fun.

Maybe. You better tell me more, though, about the day I missed.

It was kind of funny, actually because Saber found a frisbee at the park and he really liked it.

Lucky guy. I LOVE frisbees, too.  What did he do?

Got super silly!

chewingstill chewing

my frisbeebiting

can't seewhere I'm...


What was Quillette doing all this time?

Laughing at Saber and begging for treats.


where's Rubin

And then they all posed for one last picture, but Monty turned his head just at that moment and said, “I miss Rubin!”

Really, he said that?

He’s your best friend, Rubin. Of course he missed you.

But I was next, wasn’t I?

Yep, after we took Saber home and we got back to the house, there was a message on the ignorephone that you and the boys were ready to be picked at the groomers.

Yippee! But you forgot to take “before” pictures.

Yeah, I did, but I didn’t forget the “after” photos even though I had the hardest time getting the boys to look at the camera.

They’re very good at ignoring you.

You didn’t do such a great job of paying attention yourself.

I just wanted to go home.

So did the boys!


home's that way

perritolooking pretty

Sorry you missed the work day, buddy.

It’s okay. I understand and I do look kind of handsome.

Yes indeed! Yes indeed.

On with the weekend then?

On with the weekend then!

Have fun everyone!


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