September 21, 2009

birthday boyBirthday Splash!

Yesterday was Wilson’s 1 year birthday so in tribute to him, I’m going start this blog with the end of our day and work backwards. If I could, I’d throw a birthday bash and invite all our friends.

Are you sure you want to do that, Rubin?

Why not?

Well, with humans you think it would be fun to have all your friends meet each other, but sometimes they don’t get along.

Really? Humans aren’t like dogs though, are they?

I don’t know. Think about the combinations. Would they all get along with Wilson?gemma girl

Let’s see, Wilson would LOVE to play with Gemma and actually has. They rolled around wrestling together when they were younger, but now that Gemma has a broken toe, I think we’d have to keep her on a leash.

That would be hard on Gemma, don’t you think?

Yeah, but I think she’d still want to be there.

You’re probably right, but what about Bella?

Oh dog, Bella would ADORE Wilson. She’d be all over him saying, “Hi, hi, hi! You’re a fine handsome fella. Wanna play with me? Please, please, please?”

bella girlHey, that’s what she says to you!

I know, that’s why I know the script so well. But still, they’d get along with Bella who’d be so excited to be at a party she’d probably run in circles.

And everyone would chase her!

I wouldn’t. Wilson wouldn’t. He’d want to play fetch or go swimming.

But Gemma would chase her.

Not with her broken toe. She’d want to, but we wouldn’t let her. Saber would chase her, though I doubt he could keep up!

Why not? He’s growing like a weed and he can keep you pretty busy.rubber dog

I just let him think he’s keeping me busy. And he may be growing, but he’s just getting bigger and clumsier.

Now, be nice, Rubin.

I am! I’m just speaking the truth. His body is growing faster than his coordination! Have you seen him flop around our backyard. It’s like all his bones are made of Jello!

That’s pretty funny. Jello boy!

Or rubber dog.

Stop! He’s very cute and he’d definitely have fun at a Wilson birthday party. But what about Tyson and Rosie?

rosie and tyI haven’t met them, though I’d like to. So why haven’t I met them yet?

Well, I’m just trying to get to know them myself and their parents are a little worried that they don’t get along with other dogs.

But you said that they met Bella and that went well.

Yeah, apparently Bella’s mom ran into them in the morning and everyone got along fine.

Well, then…

Okay, but if we invited them, do you think they’d get along with all the others?oshi cat

Oshi might have a problem, but that’s because Oshi thinks he’s a cat. He’d have a problem with a lot of the dogs.

He’d probably just snuggle up to any warm human body he could find. I’d worry more about Perrito. He has a thing for the ladies.

Yes, but that’s about to be taken care of, isn’t it?

That’s what they say.

Hey, Perrito’s a boy, I’m a boy. Perrito has his manhood intact. What happened to mine?

manly dogWell, when you were a wee little lad…

How wee?

Seven weeks old…

Oh my, that IS wee…

They took you to the doctor and had the deed done.

Why so early?

Well, there was no reason to keep you manly because we weren’t going to breed you.

Are you saying I’m not manly?

Absolutely not! But think about Perrito. Don’t you think he’s a little more forward with the ladies than you are?

True. I mean, I like girls and all, but I like my boy friends too.

And you have your floppy dog.

Okay, let’s not get into that, okay? This IS a family blog after all.

You’re right. I’ll keep it clean. Okay, who else would you invite to Wilson’s party?

Ollie, definitely. Monty for certain. Woobie — well, they’ve already met and it was love at first sight. I don’t know Alice very well, but I think she’d be okay once she got to know everyone. That’s it for our regulars.

What about Quillette?sleepyQ

Now that’s an interesting question.

How so?

Well, she can be kind of grumpy especially with other girl dogs and since she’s one of the oldest dogs, I’m not sure she’d enjoy a younger party.

I’ve seen her party with the best of them!

True. I think we’d have to really watch her. She doesn’t like it when the young ones get out of hand and wild.

True, but she’d love the treats at the party.

Wouldn’t we all!

Too bad we missed Wilson’s birthday.

Well, I bet he appreciates the thought of a virtual birthday party just as much.

Hey, you were going to talk about our day.

Oh, yeah. I got carried away. So starting at the end, we walked Wilson, which was fun because we walked down to the lake as a special birthday surprise. He sure liked that!

at the lakefun water

at the lake2underwater

And before Wilson was Saber. We walked some, but he came over and hung out at the house so we could play chase and tug and fetch in the backyard.

get my toyrunning dog

tugmy own toy

Before Saber was your walk with Bella.

Yep, I’m trying to keep her guessing — when will I arrive, who will I bring, where will we go? It seems to be working.

Well, where did you go?

We went up on the ridge to the overlook, down the stairs to the park, and then played romp and run on the long line.

How did she handle the grate at the overlook?

overlookstairs stare

happy runweeeeee

Well, I picked her up and put her on the bench so I could get this shot…
…and it worked like a charm because she hated the grate so much she didn’t jump off the bench.

I can relate! But I bet she loved running on the long line in the park.autumn pose

Yes, we both had a good time!

You saw Gemma before Bella, right?

Yes, she misses you and sends a big lick right in your face.


Oh come on! You miss her too!

Okay, I’ll admit it. How was she anyway?

Frustrated with the silly caste on her leg and easily worn out from the heat and not as much exercise as usual. But I petted her head and scratched her belly while we rested in the shade and she really liked that!

head rubIt will be fun to romp with her again once she’s healed. And you walked Rosie and Tyson before Gemma, right?

Yep, we went on a nice walk and then ended at the tennis courts whereupon Tyson took off like a bullet and Rosie followed.


He looks like a playful guy. Big, but playful.

He surprised me, but they both had fun.

big tyhow about those treats?

And before them we walked Oshi and Perrito, right?

No, we actually walked them after Rosie and Tyson.

museum posetogether pose

Oh my, I guess I’m tired from the day and it’s only Monday.

Well, you and Wilson celebrated pretty hard at the lake today.

Yeah, that must be it. I must have worn myself out and it’s only Monday.

lake funmountain shot

Then, to bed, yes?

Yes, to bed.

Until tomorrow and Happy Birthday again, Mr. Wilson!

one year


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