September 2, 2009

Minding My Own Business

you two!

Older and wiser, I’ve learned the best way to deal with wild puppies is to mind my own business. Take today, for instance. We walked Gretchen to her first day of teaching and then rested at home until she arrived to pick me up. Monty got to rest. Then we walked over to get Gemma who was happy, as usual, to see us. Next, we got Saber and headed to the park where the two lovebirds played with wild abandon. I just watched. Those two!

I got tired just watching them though I had enough energy to play some fetch. They just had energy to chase each other around and then roll on the grass in a ball of puppyness. Gemma is really fast so mostly it’s Saber in hot pursuit of Gemma.


But Saber is still young and he tires out quickly. That doesn’t stop Gemma. She pesters him into at least wrestling with her! Meanwhile, I stay out of their way as best I can and chase my ball!

I'm tiredfetching

At one point Saber even tried to just relax, but in swooped Gemma one more time!

restingnot resting

But don’t be fooled…Saber can hold his own!

here he comesclose up

Then we headed to the tennis courts for a change of scenery and there the two lovebirds continued their chase and wrestle routine, but eventually all slowed down enough for a photo op.


We took Saber home after this and then Gemma walked me home so I could rest with Monty. Gretchen took Gemma on the rest of her walk and then she finally took Gemma home as well.

Next up, a new dog, Rosie. Rosie is an older boxer who has had lots and lots of medical procedures. Still, she’s a big strong dog who likes to get out and smell the pee mail. Gretchen took her to all our favorite spots. First, for a photo shoot at the Mt. Baker lookout.


Then they walked down to the tennis courts, but Rosie isn’t much of a ball dog. Mostly she followed Gretchen around the courts while Gretchen jogged excitedly trying to get Rosie to play. As I’ve said, Rosie’s been through a lot, so she was a little hesitant to play. I mean, just look at that scar!

followinga little nervous


But Gretchen did get Rosie to cock her head and that you have to admit, is pretty cute.


Bella was next and trust me, with Bella you really have to mind your own business. It’s difficult to do. Monty has somehow mastered it. Here we are resting on the porch in the sun when in swoops Bella. We just let her pass and she just keeps running.

restingpassing through

Before Bella came to the house for a visit, Gretchen took her on a walk and then they stopped by the tennis courts to burn off some of Bella’s limitless energy.

bella and ballbella running

She sure had plenty of energy left when she finally did get to our house. We wrestled and chased while Monty, as only Monty can, ignored us on the porch.

Monty ignoringcharge!

bella on a rollstill moving

I think I did finally tire her out because Gretchen reported later that Bella walked home in a perfect heal. Ah, my work is done!

I asked Gretchen if I could stay home and rest some more after Bella. She’s a work out and Gretchen agreed so she headed out to walk Oshi and Perrito by herself. They walked around the neighborhood and through the park and then played a little in the shade. It was hot for a September afternoon and both the boys appreciated the cool respite.

Perrito in shadeOshi in the shade

now in the sunnow in the shade

And while Gretchen took the photos she noticed something she hadn’t seen in awhile…the fall colors starting to appear. See the tree behind Perrito? Yep, golden leaves.

fall colors

The final walk of the day was this evening with our buddy Wilson. He gets so excited to see us, he barks and barks and barks and then gives us each a kiss. Monty tolerates it, believe it or not, and I, well, I kind of like how happy Wilson gets when he sees us. I mean, it’s nice to be appreciated.

Remember the other day when I wrote about the evening shadows? Well, they were out again tonight and Gretchen got some nice pictures. My favorite is of Monty, Wilson, and Gretchen’s long, long shadow.

tall shadow

Wilson likes to play fetch, but Monty and I were kind of worn out. He played and we laid in the cool grass and watched him run by again and again. Okay, we played some, but Wilson was center stage tonight especially when Mikey and Sparky showed up.

got the ballwatching Wilson

sparky and Wilsonagain

mesun dog

sparky dogmikeytreats?

We ended the games like we always do. Gretchen reaches in her backpack and pulls out treats. That gets Monty’s attention. Wilson showed some interest and eventually so did I. It’s been a long day and a tasty treat is a great way to end the evening…that and the nice slow walk back to Wilson’s house where he says goodbye with a kiss as well. Now that’s the kind of business I don’t mind at all.

Kisses to all of you! Until tomorrow,


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