September 16, 2009

Just Like That me

Gretchen tells me that people who live in the Midwest talk a lot about the weather and that people in California don’t talk about it as much.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but probably because the weather changes a lot in Iowa and Wisconsin, but not very much in California,” she answered.

“What about where we live?” I asked. “Do we talk about the weather a lot?”

“It depends,” she said. “When it’s not normal, I think we talk about it a lot.”

“What do you mean, not normal?

“Well, think about this summer. It’s been really, really hot, right?

“Yep, really hot!” I panted just for emphasis.

“And now, it’s the middle of September and we’ve had temperatures in the 70s and 80s. That’s not normal and what is everyone talking about?”

“The weather!”

no rainI am a smart boy, aren’t I?

Well, the weather changed today, just like that. Yesterday was hot with blue skies and not a breeze to be found. Today, it all changed. We were met with a cold wind this morning followed by clouds painting the sky gray, and then in the afternoon, the first few drops of rain.

But just a few. We got our work done before it really rained, which is the promise for tonight.

Tomorrow? It’s supposed to be warm again. Not very normal.

We started our work with Monty and when I say “we” I mean Quillette and me. Monty was happy to see us and we, in turn, were just as happy to see him. We went for a walk and Gretchen tried to get us to pose on the steps so she could record the changing colors.

three of us

Only it was a tough shot to get. I was a good boy and Quillette didn’t pretty well, too, but once Gretchen crouches down to take the photo, Monty sees it as an invitation to visit her. Yep, that’s the end of his leash moving in her direction while Quillette and I maintain our stay!


She repositioned us, but once she squatted down, Monty was on the move again.

on the move

I think we’ll need to enlist some help to get Monty to sit still while we take the photo. By then, maybe the fall colors will be in their prime. Hard to know when that will be with this interesting weather we’re having.

Because the rain was threatening, Gretchen picked up Gemma next after she dropped us at home. This may seem like a weird move, but really it was necessary since Gemma is still wearing a cast on her broken toe.

cast girl

Of course, a broken toe hasn’t slowed her down in the least. Gretchen walked her by herself so Gemma wouldn’t overdo it, but according to Gretchen, contrary to the calm photos below, Gemma was ready for action! Just look at those alert ears!

ready?can I go now?

Let's go!

Gemma got a short walk today, but we’re hoping she mends quickly so we can play together again!

Rosie was next and from everything Gretchen tells me, Rosie likes the cooler weather as much as I do. Apparently, when it’s hot like it’s been (all summer!), Rosie tires out very quickly. But today, Rosie was firing on full cylinders and the two of them went on a nice long walk up on the hill and around the neighborhoods! Gretchen stopped at another vista point, but once again Rosie wasn’t really interested at looking at the camera. Apparently, she was more interested in smelling any and everything she could get her nose on!


Gretchen kept trying though, but only when she pulled out treats would Rosie look (almost) directly into the camera. I think she must be really shy or maybe she just likes her profile more than her portrait!

smelling flowersmore profile

almost lookingThis photo, apparently, is when Rosie saw a rat. Gretchen saw it too and tried to take a photo of it, but it scurried away before she could capture the evidence.

I love how alert Rosie is in this photo.  And so patient. If I’d seen what she’d seen, I’d have been at the end of my leash trying to catch it. But not Rosie. She just stared with her neck thick with anticipation and her ears listening intently. Gretchen reports that she never once tried to get the rat, she just looked. Good dog, Rosie!

Bella was next and after her wild time with Bella yesterday, Gretchen came armed with toys, her clicker, and a handful of Bella’s favorite treats. Only Bella wasn’t crazy Bella today. Nope, she was focused and right on target with all of her training. She’s getting older, I guess. They went for a walk, really focused on heeling and paying attention and as a reward, Bella got to see me…but only for like 5 minutes!

bella timebackside

tumblingright over

Believe it or not, we really only played for 5 minutes. I’m not lying. And yes, we got a lot in during those 5 minutes. Can you tell?

oh my

But I hadn’t eaten my breakfast so Gretchen made me come inside for lunch. Monty had to eat, too and since Quillette is with us, she got a snack, too! While we ate, Bella and Gretchen played tug and fetch. Bella really liked that…almost more than playing with me!  I can’t imagine!

my squeakysettling down

The funny thing about Bella is that she’s usually always moving. She was calmer today than yesterday, but Gretchen got a lot of funny partial photos of nothing but Bella’s tail or an ear or, my personal favorite, her deer legs!

deer legs

I got to walk Bella home and Monty joined us, too. Then Monty and I headed to Saber’s house and once he woke up from his nap, he was really happy to see us! We went for a long walk, down through the tunnel and up over the hill. Here again, Gretchen tried to get a photo of the three of us, but Monty kept misbehaving! I wasn’t so great either!

good onenot so good

Saber showed us all up!

being goodMonty!

good boytrying to be good

When we got the top of the hill, Gretchen stopped at Dog Mania to make a grooming appointment for me and Oshi and Perrito. Yikes! I wonder when that’s going to happen?

Meanwhile, Saber was like a bull in a china shop (I learned that phrase from Gretchen) thrilled to be around so many yummy smelling toys and treats. I was pointing out the door, Monty was trying to get the owners to pet him, and Saber had his head buried in a box of bones. He’s so silly! Too bad Gretchen had packed away her camera!

We dropped Saber back at his house, headed back to our own, and then Quillette got to go out with the boys next door — Oshi and Perrito (little do they know that they’ll be sharing a spa date with me soon!) Then went on a long walk and then Gretchen tried to play fetch with everyone, but Q wasn’t into it and Perrito was too interested in running around. Oshi? Oh yeah, he did the Oshi thing, which is nothing except pointing in the direction of home!

runninghome now?

posingstill running

Quillette, as you can see, didn’t want to play fetch nor did she want to go home. Rather, she just sat in the grass and looked pretty. I think she misses her mom.  Don’t worry, Q girl, she’ll be home soon! What a homecoming that will be!

tongue outhome's that way

close uplet's go now

mr. handsomemr. impatient

Though the weather changed today, the forecast still looks sunny for quite awhile. If we lived in California, nobody would pay any attention, but we live in Seattle and let me tell you, we’re all paying attention because just like that, it could all change!

My favorite photo of the day is this one — Q being content to just sit in the sprinkles of rain. I agree with you, girlfriend. The rain is nice, very, very nice!

rain content

Until tomorrow,


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