September 15, 2009

Picture Day!Alice

At the school where Gretchen teaches in the mornings, the kids were all dressed up for picture day. I didn’t know much about picture day so Gretchen had to explain that all the students get their portraits taken so families can have a record of each school year. That sounded like such a good idea, I told her we should have a picture day so that’s what we did…we set out to get a portrait of each of the dogs we walked today, including Alice, our new client.

Alice is a beautiful girl. I got to meet her yesterday, but Gretchen walked her alone today so Alice could learn to trust her. Next time we walk Alice, I get to go and she can learn to trust me, too!

But Alice wasn’t our first client nor our first portrait. That would be Ollie… and Quillete, of course, who joined us on a walk to the tennis courts for a romp in the autumn sun. Here’s Ollie’s school portrait…the School of Rubin, that is.

ollie portrait

Quillette wanted her portrait to be with a ball in her mouth. I’m not sure why because, well, she might play with the ball, but she doesn’t fetch and bring it back like I do. She just walks around with the ball in her mouth woof woof woofing!

Q portrait

I let her know that the photo below was a much better portrait, but she disagreed. Whadda ya gonna do?

smiling Q

Gretchen couldn’t just take one photo of us, though, not with a new camera in her hands, so here are some of the other photos from our Ollie outing…

shadow dogon the move

got the ballposing

As you can tell, Gretchen tried to get a photo of the three of us, but it’s hard to get us all looking in the same direction. Finally though, holding the camera all wonky-jawed, she took this one!

wonky jawed

Next up, was Alice, the new gal in town. She was really easy to get a portrait of her and they all turned out very nice. Did I tell you she was a pretty girl? Well, she is!

mountainno mountain

As you can see, Mountain Rainier was out today, though Gretchen had a hard time getting it in every photo because of the backlighting.

the mountain

That light thing is something Gretchen’s still trying to figure out with her new camera as you can tell from this final (cute) Alice portrait.

Alice in the light

Next, Gretchen walked Rosie who was not so thrilled to have her portrait taken. She’s kinda she that way.  Gretchen took her up to one of her favorite photo spots, up the stairs and overlooking the city. This time of year is particularly wonderful as the trees are just starting to turn into their autumn colors! Of course, Rosie wouldn’t turn and face the camera so Gretchen had a hard time capturing those amazing colors!

Rosie's facejowls

feeling rosielook this way

It is a pretty view from up top of those stairs, so Gretchen gave up and just took a picture of the view without Rosie in it.

the view

They continued up the hill with Rosie panting and Gretchen sweating because despite it being mid-September, it was really warm today!  Rosie led the way once she realized they were heading back to her house, but then Gretchen stopped to take a shadow self portrait of the two of them.

heading homeself portrait

Rosie went straight for the water bowl when she got home and Gretchen headed up the street to pick up Bella. Bella must of had fleas for breakfast because she was like a flea on a hot skillet today. Crazy wild, that’s what Gretchen called it so after their training walk (which didn’t go very well), she brought Bella to our house so I could help her burn some energy. Whew! What a workout for me!

Then we went for a walk and Bella went wild again.I joined in.

wild girlcrazy girl2

Eventually (and by that I mean a long eventually) Bella slowed down enough to get her portrait taken. I waited on top of the picnic table so Bella could focus on posing for her portrait!

settling downwild girl

out of the way

Bella's portrait

I like this photo of Bella the best. She’s happy, relatively calm, and the light is hitting her just right.

After we took the wild child home, we picked up Saber. He was anything but wild. He was sleepy, but woke right up when he saw me and we made our way over to the tennis courts for a short romp.

rompingmy ball

Of course, it was hot out there (as I’ve mentioned) so soon we were resting in the shade.

hot ballresting

Because it was so hot, we brought Saber home to our house so he could play in our pool only he wasn’t the least bit interested in it. Imagine that!


That’s the closest he got to the pool. Instead, he just played with my toys. One in particular…my favorite squeaky Kong!

my toywait a minute

is this yours?running away

uh?make him give it back!

just take it!

Yeah well, the best thing to do with a young whipper-snapper like Saber is just reach in and take back my toy. Of course, he just followed me around and stared at my toy!

lying in waittrying to nab it

Oh, and when I asked Saber which photo he wanted for his class portrait he said this one, or as he put it, “The tough guy shot!”

tough guy

And yes, that’s my ball that he stole from me at the tennis courts. He is a tough guy, isn’t he?

Until tomorrow,


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