September 1, 2009

Was That…Rain?puppy nanny

It’s Tuesday, only Tuesday and already my paws are tired. Our business is expanding and while that’s good for the quality of food in my bowl, it makes my paws tired. And if that’s not enough, the moon is almost full, the days are getting shorter, and was that rain I felt today?

My Dog, how the world just spins on without consulting me.

And so it spun this way today…we walked Gretchen to work, then waited for her return. Well actually, we slept because yesterday was full and both Monty and I were pretty tired. Monty was so tired last night, he went deep into Dream Time, the kind so deep that he didn’t even wake up when he was woofing and howling in his sleep. So we rested this morning, while Gretchen prepared for her first day of teaching, which starts tomorrow bright and early. Right before the moon turns full.

Who plans these things?

Anyway, when she returned, Monty stayed behind because, as an older dog, he needs more rest than me. We walked to Gemma’s house where an eager girl greeted us. “Yippee, a walk with Rubin, a walk with Rubin,” she shouted and I tried really hard not to roll my eyes. A walk with Gemma can be fun, but let me tell you, it’s a whole lotta work. She loves to play with me and all the way on our walk, she slams her back end into my body inviting me to play.

“Not while we’re walking,” I tell her, but she says, “Awe come on, it’s me, Gemma!”

But today I was surprised when we didn’t head straight out on a walk. Instead we veered our course slightly and ended up at Saber’s house. “Perfect. Absolutely perfect,” I thought. “Now I’ll have two puppies thumping into me. Gretchen must be crazy from the full moon!”

Boy was I wrong. It was a brilliant move on Gretchen’s part because guess what they did? They bumped into each other, I mean seriously bumped and I just got to play fetch! Nice, very nice!


playing3lion's roar

and the lambstangled playpuppy nanny2

We walked a very tired Saber home, the long way after that and he was a happy puppy when he saw his crate. “A nap? Yeah, I could use a nap,” he told Gretchen. Then we walked awhile longer with Gemma because she wasn’t nearly as tired as Saber. Don’t get me wrong, she was tired, but not yet tired out. So around and through the park we went until her tongue was hanging and her gait slowed. Oh, and she stopped bumping into me!

Next up was Bella, but I got to rest at home with Monty. Today was Bella’s adventure on her own and Gretchen took her for one of my favorite walks — Frink Park. They practiced “heal” all the way there, but once they got to the trailhead, Gretchen put Bella on the long line and let her be her puppy self on the trails.

on the trailokay?

You’d think her puppy self would be crazy running and wild romping, but no, it was sniffing. She sniffed EVERYTHING, then she’d race ahead a bit, worried a tad, and then raced back to Gretchen. In between it all she smelled the trail, the ferns, the trees, the dirt — whatever she could get her nose on. Gretchen says she’s a hunting dog and that hunting dogs are extra nose sensitive. I guess!

sniffbridge sniff

long linetreat time?

Whatever. My favorite thing to do at Frink Park is to run up and down the trails at top speed, which is best done when Monty is trying to catch me.

Not so with Bella.

After the park, they walked through the neighborhoods practicing heal, but Bella was super distracted because it rained! Yep, rain. It’s that time of year and it appears there is nothing we can do to stop the changing of the seasons.

Bella still had some energy even after that park adventure and long walk so Gretchen took her to the tennis courts to work on Bella’s recall and to see if she could interest her in a game of fetch. Let’s just say that Bella is still learning about fetch. She likes the ball alright, but to run after it and bringing it back stymie her it appears. She just raced around the courts with the ball in her mouth, showing it off and practicing some sideways moves! And every once in awhile, losing the ball for a second!

got the ballsee it?

sidewayscome back

racing bystanding still

Once Bella went home, Gretchen returned and worked a bit on one project or another before she leashed both Monty and me up and we all headed over to see Wilson. It stopped raining by the time we got to his house even though Gretchen was all geared up in her raincoat and waterproof shoes. I know she considered putting a raincoat on me, but she thought the better of it. Whew!

As it turned out, our time with Wilson was rain free. Nice.

me fetchingWilson fetching

togetherIs that mine?

Wilson is as focused on playing fetch as I am. Gretchen’s trying to teach him some things like “wait” and “down” but it’s hard because Wilson just wants that ball. I understand completely. I want his ball and any ball I can get my mouth around!

drop it Montythrow the balls

Monty, on the other hand, likes to chew the ball. He fetches, sure, but then he lies down all regal and chews like a mad man.


After fetch, we walked up to Bradner Gardens for a view of the city in the fading sunlight. It’s a pretty view, but with three dogs on a leash, Gretchen didn’t have a chance to snap a photo. Maybe tomorrow.

We walked Wilson home, but on our way, stopped and visited with the soccer players Gretchen knew at the big field. Wilson liked that very much since he’s very friendly. Monty is too. Me? Not so much. I like to get to know you before I let you pet my head.

what doing, Monty?

On our way home from Wilson’s, the rain started again. Not hard this time. Just a soft, summer rain though Gretchen tells me summer is officially over since she heads back to the classroom tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a full plate for all of us it seems. We’ve added another dog to our growing list tomorrow and an additional one on Friday. Gretchen says I won’t meet them, but she’s hoping some time in the future if at all possible. Instead, I’ll rest and she’ll enlist my help when needed. I appear to be a puppy nanny of late, which is just fine by me. They are kind of cute, aren’t they?

cute puppy

Until tomorrow,


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