August 19, 2009

shade dogHey, Can I Get Some Cooler Weather?

I’m not a complainer — well, unless there’s a ball involved — but generally, I’m a pretty affable fellow, but the weather we’re having these days is making me kind of grumpy.

Let’s just set the record straight — we live in Seattle, you know the city known for it’s cloudy skies and abundance of rain. This isn’t Phoenix or Miami or, dog forbid, Death Valley. This is Seattle. A few weeks ago we broke a record at 104 degrees and today, well today some claim we broke another at 90 degrees for a mid-August kind of day.

Do you know how hard that is on a dog? Well, let me tell you. First, we have to get up earlier than usual. Like any dog worth his kibble, I like to sleep in, but on hot days like this, Gretchen takes me out so early in the morning, I can barely see my paws in front of my face it’s so dark. Today, we walked with Monty first thing because he, like me, doesn’t like the hot weather.  Then, as is our new schedule, Monty and I got a mid-morning nap while Gretchen went to school. When she returned, not only had the temperatures increased, but it was muggy hot — the worst kind of hot a dog can know.

We picked up Oshi and Perrito and the four of us moaned our way to the park. What did we do? We all laid down in the shade. Gretchen tried to play fetch with us, but not one of us was very interested. We all just stood, laid, or rolled around in the cool, shady grass.

I like it hereand I like it here

Oshi's spotnice shade

it's hotcool roll

Can you see that a whole lot of nothing was going on today?

restinghot boy

stretching out

I know, not a very eventful walk, but once we made it back home and had a cool drink of water, Gretchen decided it was best to keep us inside while she went to fetch Gemma. Now generally Gemma pays no attention to the heat, but today, apparently, she walked to all the shady spots and laid down. Even when she met Lizzie the Wheaton mix, she didn’t really show much interest in playing.

shade girl

Apparently, Lizzie wasn’t that interested either. Instead, she just sat pretty and posed for Gretchen’s camera.


All the way on the walk, Gemma sought the shade and then laid down like it was just too much to keep going. That’s when Gretchen decided to bring her back to the house. And you know what she did? She went straight for the pool!

That's bettermuch nicer

In fact, she kind of hogged the pool, spinning herself around until finally she’d plop right down not leaving a bit of room for me or Monty (though Monty wasn’t the least bit interested).


Of course, once she was cooled off, she was ready to rumble. I wasn’t so sure I was interested, but Gemma is very persuasive.

play timepersuasive

Monty hung out on the deck for awhile, but it was so hot he had to tip toe around because his feet got too hot. Finally, he asked to go inside where he rested in the hallway — the best breeze in the house! Meanwhile, Gemma went a little crazy, but not too crazy because it was too darn hot!

crazy girl

I shouldn’t complain too much, though. We’ve just returned from our friends’ pool (a big one, not a kid’s sized pool) and I got to take a dip, which felt gloriously wonderful.  It’s still hot, though, and while tomorrow is going to be a tad bit cooler, I’m looking forward to the weekend when it’s supposed to rain.

Rain…that’s more like it!

Until then,


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