July 7, 2009

dogsdogsdogsHow Many Dogs Do You See?

The good thing about Ann (my other mom) having the summer off is that we can take more dogs out to play than normal. Gretchen can usually only walk four at a time, but they have to be really good on the leash in order for her to move forward. Otherwise she’s unwrapping leashes and that is no fun at all. But today, Ann went with us and we walked five dogs (including me), which means it was five times the fun!

Plus (it’s like a math problem) we met our friend Harry (the Wheaton Terrier) at the park and all of the sudden we weren’t just five dogs playing, we were six dogs playing.

Oh how the fun just kept multiplying!Harry

Harry is an older fellow, but he’s very sweet and he really enjoyed all the company. He especially enjoyed playing with Ollie and Perrito who in turn, enjoyed playing with him.

Of course, Ollie enjoys everyone and Perrito thinks any new dog has been brought to the park just for him so Harry had his hands full as you can well imagine.

But Harry handled it all in stride, dividing his play time equally between Ollie and Perrito. They appreciated it, though I personally think Perrito would have liked to have Ollie all to himself.

Take a look at the pictures from this morning’s walk and decide for yourself…

Ollie meets HarryPerrito and Harry

Hoppingtwo playing

come on!chasing lucy

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t how I exactly remembered it, but with six dogs on the field it was hard to keep track of all the activities. Lucy playing fetch, Perrito chasing Ollie, Ollie chasing whoever was running, Harry sniffing the ground, Oshi observing it all (he rarely takes part) and me, lying in the middle of it all hoping someone would notice how cute I am.

runningthe boys

fetch timeobserving

how many?cuteness

Oh yeah, and Lucy showed her acrobatic side….leaping up for a ball and then back down to the ground. Phenomenal!


Of course, after awhile, it was time to take everyone home and for me to get a nap while my moms ran off on errands. Don’t worry, they came back (they always do) and Gretchen and I headed out to retrieve the Retriever, Mr. Wilson! We walked around the park, across the other park, and then met up with MORE DOGS!  It was totally unexpected, but there they all were…Lulu first, then Gemma came along, and finally Gus.

How many dogs do you see?

how many?more dogs

Well, there were five of us (plus parents making a total of nine bodies ion the field). We played fetch…chase…and stood around looking beautiful…

wilson fetchfetch/chase

luluplay time

funny tonguegemma

dogs on the runmore fetch

more playbeauty

And then Gus decided he really liked Gemma and the two of them went at it…very cute, don’t you think? Of course, Wilson and I were all about fetch and luckily, Gus’ dad was into throwing the ball for us!  Good dad!

a likingplaying

lovereal love

As you can see, it was all about dogs today…lots of them. Gretchen and I had to laugh, though since all the dogs (except for Lucy) were some shade of brown. It was the brown dog day plus Lucy.  She didn’t seem to mind.

Me either.

Until tomorrow,


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