July 6, 2009

Va-Cay: It’s all good!

river dogsWe took off early Saturday morning for a long drive to the other side of the mountains. The “other side” is amazingly different than our side. Our side is green and cool with occasional moisture. The other side is hot and dry with occasional wind and rain storms.  While it’s good to be home, it was really fun to explore a new area rich with smells and adventures.

Of course, I wasn’t so sure about the trip when we arrived. It was about 100 degrees, very dry, and there were very few trees. I like trees, but when we finally got out of the car, the lack of trees gave way to a familiar smell. You see, I was born in the high desert and though I don’t remember it all, I do remember the smell. So when we piled out of the car and I got a whiff of the sage and the dust, something kicked in and I remembered my birth place.

That’s when I started running in circles, crazed with the buzz of memory. Quillette (whose campground we were visiting) looked at me as if I were crazy and I suppose, in a way, I was. I mean, Eastern Washington is very much like Central Oregon (my birthplace) and it was good to revel in the similarities. Luckily, despite the heat there was a river, a big, fast moving, icy cold river and once we unpacked the car, a trip to the river was in store for all of us.  It was great as was our entire vacation and since it’s really my vacation, I’ll try not to bore you with too many details, but here are a few.

Poses from dusk to dawn on the scrub plains of Twisp…

morning posesmorning pose2

River days…

water boyon the banks

Quillette waits on the river bank as her mom takes a hike along the shore…ever watchful…


Nap time in the shade by the river…


I love dirt!


On a hike…another river and more time to chew on sticks!

hello!j and q


A new friend, Iyak, making us a trio of blond dogs…Three Blond Dogs…

Iyakthree blond dogs

dirty dogdirty dog2

Sunset and moonrise over the plains…(look carefully at the moonrise photo…yep, that’s one big bull on the other side of the fence!)


Needless to say, I was tired when we got home this afternoon, but we had work to do though playing with Wilson isn’t necessarily work!  He was happy to see us and really happy to smell me (I have yet to have a bath so I still smell of sage and dust).  We went for a walk and then met up with all the neighbors and their dogs! Wilson was thrilled!

Hattie the Blue Healer and Monty the Poodle…

with Hattiewith Monty

happy facein the wind

Hattie plays frisbee…


Wilson plays fetch…oh, and tries to keep the ball in his mouth!

fetchcome back here

Yep, it’s all good and even Wilson knew it was smiling times…


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m one tired pup, so off to bed I go and hopefully rest up for tomorrow’s day of walking. Sleep well everyone and may your dreams be filled with dust and sage and wide open fields where a river runs through…

Until tomorrow,


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