July 22, 2009

sleepA Time To Rest

You may think my job as a dog walker is a fun-filled adventure of non-stop play. Most of the time it is, but Gretchen, being the responsible business woman and pet companion that she is knows the importance of a good rest both for herself and for her clients.

But rest isn’t always easy to find. Take now, for instance. For the past half hour, Gretchen’s been trying to get Gemma to settle down not only so I can finish my blog, but also so Gemma gets some rest after our long walk and serious romp in the backyard. Gemma didn’t like the idea one bit and barked in her kennel, whined on my bed, and then finally, finally settled down to sleep.


It’s been a long day and thankfully not nearly as hot as all the days leading up to this one. This day started out cloudy and cool, a perfect time for Monty and me to head out on a long morning walk with Gretchen and Ann. Gretchen didn’t bring her camera because she thought we’d like some privacy while we played. I appreciated that, but she did bring along her camera when she took Oshi and Perrito out for a long walk to the park where they unexpectedly ran into Samson. What fun!


Samson is almost 10 years old and he likes very much to play with his bright yellow softball. He also enjoyed the cooler temperatures as did Oshi and Perrito.


Oshi, as is his want, hung out in the shade while Perrito practiced playing fetch. They both watched Samson intently – Oshi, to make certain Samson didn’t come too close and Perrito to see the technique of grabbing a large ball in a smaller mouth.

Play timenot too close

Samson is very good at playing fetch and gave Perrito some pointers. And then he rolled around in the grass, itching his hairy back and smiling like the very happy dog that he is!

yellow ballrolling

Perrito learned a lot from Samson. Oshi, on the other hand, was unimpressed, but everyone had a good time and happily walked home, content and exhausted.


When Gretchen returned, Monty and I got lunch and then rested while she worked on her long list of tasks. I watch her make that list, scratch stuff off of it and then add more to it. I don’t think she’ll ever get through it at the rate she’s going, but she seems to need a list to keep her moving forward so who am I to point out the list’s futility?

And just when Gretchen was reviewing her list again, Andrew showed up with Gemma and all of her luggage.

Luggage? What? She’s staying with us? Good thing I rested up!

Without hesitation, Monty, Gemma, and I were leashed up and taken on a long walk. Ann went with us and we headed for the shade of Frink Park where Gretchen struggled to get photos of something other than our back ends!

back endtrio

By this time, it was quite a bit warmer than the morning so we walked along the lake and then headed back to the house where Gretchen filled up the pool.


drinkcooling off

While Monty drank from the hose and Gretchen cooled off his chest, Gemma and I waited for our turn to get in.



And then we went at it with Gemma imitating almost everything I did!

out of my wayshake

The thing about getting wet is that it refreshes you so much, you just have to start playing again and play we did. Gemma and I started it and then Monty leapt (and I mean leapt) right in!



watch outfun

After about 5 minutes, Gretchen snagged Monty, leashed him up and made him rest on the porch while Gemma and I continued playing. (Monty is older and needs more rest than we do…well, certainly more than Gemma!)



While Gretchen, Monty, and Ann sat on the porch and Gemma and I wore ourselves out in the yard, a hummingbird visited our lucifer plant. Gretchen did her best to capture the moment, but those little birds are fast! Still, I think she did a pretty good job. The little bird is in the center of both photographs. Look carefully, that blur is the blur of rapid moving wings.


Gemma has remained asleep during the whole time I’ve been blogging. Of course, now I need a rest so hopefully once I publish today’s piece she’ll let me rest up a little too.

Doubt it, but one can always hope.

Until tomorrow,


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