June 7, 2009

My Kind of Sunday

Sunday chaseSundays are usually pretty relaxed at our house. We wake later, we cuddle on the bed together, we eat a big breakfast, and then head out for a nice long walk. With Woobie here our lives haven’t changed much, we just have one more body in bed with us when we cuddle and one more dog on a leash for our walks.

Today we walked down by the lake. Woobie’s family told us she liked to swim, but we were a little skeptical.  All that hair? What would she do with it while swimming? How long would it take for her to dry off? Won’t she sink under the weight of it all?

Let me back up a bit. Woobie is a pretty laid back dog. She has her moments of frolic, but basically she’s relaxed and calm. Today however, the closer we got the lake, the more lively she became. And once we arrived at the water, she went in the second Gretchen unleashed her! Water always makes me friskier and it was exactly the same for Woobie. She took off and raced around the park with me and our new friend, Daisy, chasing right after her. Now that’s my idea of a fun Sunday!

swimmingThe temperature today isn’t anything like last week’s scolding weather, so the lake didn’t feel as refreshing.  Still, I swam in after my ball and Woobie played a little retrieving, too. When she gets into the water, she expands. Gretchen says she looks like a sea urchin. I’ve never seen one, but if that’s what a sea urchin looks like, it’s pretty cool.

It was hard to take good pictures of her today because the lighting was really flat and since Woobie is a dark dog, she just got lost in the darkness of the water and the sky.

I, on the other hand, stand out with a  golden glow.

Daisy, the Boxer, is just a puppy and she didn’t want to go in at all though she was very interested in Woobie…

Woobie interested in Daisy?…not so much.


no swimmingnot so much

And then Woobie invited us all to play…just like that. It was way fun.



And then we went back into the water!  Well, Woobie and I did. Daisy watched from the shore and chased after us when we came out.

fetchwet woobie

wet chase

While it may seem like we never slow down, we did relax a bit. Even Daisy slowed down some watching Woobie shake the water off her long hair and at one point, she witnessed the collision between Woobie and me. It was an accident. She swam right in front of me on my quest to retrieve my ball.

water shakecollision

wet restwet waiting

daisylake shot

I think Daisy sums up this Sunday morning’s outing with her big puppy smile. Ah, yes…my kind of Sunday!

a good dayHave a great Sunday!


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