June 6, 2009

weekendWeekend Work

Yeah, I know I’ve said this before. We usually don’t work on the weekend, but this weekend in addition to having a sleepover with Woobie, Rufus and Riley were back on our schedule. Therefore, this is technically a working Saturday.

And so it begins…

I have to say that Woobie is a great weekend companion. She’s easy going, not at all bossy, and never ever tries to steal things from me. I wish I could say the same for me. I tend to be a bit high-strung, sometimes I growl to get my way, and if another dog has a toy or a bone, well, I tend to want that toy or bone.

But Woobie doesn’t seem to mind. She just looks at me and says, “Sure Rubin, whatever you’d like to do is fine with me!” So this morning we got up early, hung out on the human bed (if only Gretchen had brought her camera upstairs!), and then went on a long walk after a hearty breakfast. Well, Woobie had a hearty breakfast. I wasn’t that interested in my food. On our walk, Gretchen stopped us for the above photo at one of her favorite spots to pose dogs. Though you can’t see it, the view overlooks the city, but to get the close up of Woobie’s popped up ears, she zoomed in cropping out the cityscape.

Then we raced down the stairs to the little park where we got to play fetch. Woobie has shown no interest in fetch, but today, she was all for it.

my ballfetch


Now, while it might look like I’m trying to steal her tennis ball (which I confess I was), I was never successful because guess who showed up to play with us?



And yes, that’s Ginger with MY BALL IN HER MOUTH!  While I might be a little thief, Ginger is a big thief and thinks nothing of cramming two or three balls in her mouth…balls that don’t belong to her!  But that’s okay because see Richard’s satchel? He has hidden treasures in there and when Ginger steals my favorite ball, Richard pulls out the SOCCER BALL!!!

soccer ballsoccer ball2

I don’t know why I like that soccer ball so much, but maybe it’s because I can hit it with my nose when it’s in the air and the ball goes flying. Or I can rip it up. Or I can squish it’s deflated leather between my teeth. Or maybe, just maybe because it smells like Richard and Ginger!

Ginger is a funny girl. She’s going to be 10 years old soon and yet she has more energy than I could ever muster. Really.  Even Woobie was surprised by Ginger’s energy. “Does she ever slow down?” Woobie asked.

slow down!



still going

“It’s enough to wear me out,” Woobie said.

worn outtennis ball

But another reason why I like Richard is because in his bag of tricks are yummy, yummy treats that he shares with us liberally!

treat time!

The funny thing is, Woobie hasn’t shown much interest in treats, but when Richard reached into his bag, well she perked right up!


When we got back to our house, both Woobie and I were really tired. We napped while Ann worked on her report cards and Gretchen went onto her next walking assignment. Rufus and Riley!


They were very happy to see Gretchen, but stopped at our  parked car in the driveway to see if I was coming with them. Sorry guys, I had to rest, but next weekend I promise I’ll be there. They got over my not walking with them pretty quickly and headed out on their walk with lots of vim and vigor!


Gretchen told me later that she loves taking photographs of these guys because they are all ears and cheeks. She never knows what she’s going to get when she snaps the shutter! Rufus was particularly silly today!

silly boyimg_8907

But Riley held his own in the silly department! Heck, they are both kind of silly, don’t you think?

silly boysnot so silly

nose to tailside by side

In the afternoon, Woobie and I went for a walk through one of the many wooded parks in our neighborhood, had some dinner, and now we just finished up with our last walk of the evening. Now it’s time to relax and watch some TV. Is the Dog Whisperer on? How about It’s Me Or The Dog? No matter, really because we’ll both be fast asleep soon.

Have a great weekend!


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