June 26, 2009

Take Your Dog To Work? Come on!

richardToday is apparently Take Your Dog to Work Day. For me it’s Take Your Human to Work Day. For both of us it’s Take YOUR Dogs to Our Work Day. Whatever. It was a day and we were surrounded by dogs starting with a fun frolic with our dear friend, Richard who is also a dog walker (among many other things!).

We all LOVE Richard. He always has treats in his bag and a variety of balls like tennis balls, soccer balls, baseballs, and more.  He’s the pied-piper and wherever he goes, we’re sure to follow!  Ginger, the dog on the far left, is his wild and crazy dog. She just turned 10, but she doesn’t look a day over 5. Next to her in the photo is Quillette who also just turned 10. She doesn’t look a day over 5 either. Then there is Richard and me and a very happy Monty with his ears flat against his head. We’re all smiling in this photo because, as I’ve said, WE ALL LOVE RICHARD!

He throws the ball for us, he gives us treats, he scratches our backs…he’s a such a good guy.

throwing the balltreat time

But in between it all we had lots of fun…Quillette stood by Richard the whole time and asked for treats. She’s quite a talker!


Monty, Ginger, and I played fetch…a lot!


fetchingsoccer fetch

As you can see, I love the soccer ball and Richard brought a new one today. Oh, I love bouncing that ball around and chasing it!


We got tired pretty quickly and then sat around posing for the camera…


ginger posegingerpose2

best friends

What a good way to start the day! Monty, Quillette, and I headed back to my house for a little snack and a little rest. Then Gretchen took Monty home to be with his mom (who has the day off) and took Quillette with her so that on the way back, she could pick up Oshi and Perrito who enjoy Quillette very much. They headed back to the little field and did their own playing and posing.

getting readyperrito fetch

Oshi poses the most and today Gretchen spent time trying to get a close up of the weeds stuck on Oshi’s face. Silly guy. That’s what you get for always having your nose to the ground!


Meanwhile, Perrito chased Quillette who chased the ball…


But as we are all prone to do, everyone got tired and rested in the shade. Here’s Perrito with his paw on the beloved orange and blue ball…

paw on ballpaw on ball2

While Quillette demonstrates the best way to relax…yawn, stretch, and sprawl…




What a full day already, but it wasn’t over yet!  Gretchen dropped of Oshi and Perrito back at their house, left Quillette at ours, and she and I headed over to Gemma’s house for a long walk up to Madrona to pick up Teabiscuit. For those of you who don’t know, Madrona is  pretty far away so while I got to rest some today, Gretchen didn’t. She put in about 10 miles of walking and I suppose that’s appropriate on Take Your Dog(s) to Work Day.

Gemma and I got to pose by the Leschi Park and Teabiscuit and Quillette got to pose by a tribute to Michael Jackson at the local barbershop.

LeschiMJ tribute

Take YOUR Dog to Our Work Day was long, but very fun. We hope all of you got to take you dogs to your work as well.

Have a great weekend,


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