June 22, 2009

zoomZoom, Zoom, Zoom

If there is one thing I’ve learned about little dogs it’s that they are very, very fast. I always thought I was fast, but Argo is a Mach One race car compared to my turbo engine.

We started the day with a long walk up over the hill and down through the woody park.  Argo likes to walk and he squirted and spurted in front of us the whole way…and I mean that both figureatively and literally. I thought Monty could pee a lot, but Argo lifts his leg without much provocation. Pretty amazing for such a little guy.tractor pose

We also went through the Bradner Gardens where Gretchen propped us up for one of those classically staged photographs. Everyone we walk it seems, gets their picture taken at the tractor and Argo is no exception.

After the tractor, we headed through the park and then back up over the hill toward home.  Usually after our morning walk, Gretchen works at the computer for awhile, but today she left us behind at the house and headed out the door to help my other mother, Ann, pack up her classroom for the big move to her new school. We’re all excited because Ann’s new school is only 3 blocks away and that means she’ll be close by and we can visit her often. Yippee!

Gretchen returned from her work with Ann, leashed us up, and we headed next door to fetch Oshi and Perrito. There’s a love affair blossoming between Perrito and Argo. The second they saw each other their tails got all wiggly and they had a peeing contest all the way to the park.  Impressive how much liquid those two can produce. At the park, I played fetch and they played chase. First they chased after me, then they chased after each other, and then we all chased after a swallow who decided to join in on our fun (3rd picture…can you see the swallow just to the right of my tail?)

after meeach other

swallowafter me again


Oshi, as is his style, watched and mourned for home,  and eventually we all got tired and rested…


oshi againall of us

more oshiargo again

Oshi’s position doesn’t change much on these outings. Perhaps that’s because Gretchen leaves his leash on. She’s taken it off before, but then Oshi heads for home on his own and that’s just not a good idea. With the leash left on, he stands in one position or walks a little dragging his leash like an anchor. Argo, on the other hand, is all over the place, but never leaves his new friends’ sides. That’s good.  Makes him really fun to be with and a whole lot more reliable for Gretchen! Perrito goes whereever Argo goes…like glue I tell ya, like glue.

That’s it for today in terms of the business side of my life. I think there are more walks planned later and perhaps even a romp with Monty this evening, but only after we get finished cleaning the house.

Until tomorrow,


2 Replies to “June 22, 2009”

  1. Ruben – You are the best! Thanks for being such a good friend to me while I stayed with you. I had sooo much fun. I slept almost all day on Wednesday. Cindy has been making me be quiet and my leg seems to be feeling better. You guys were just so much fun to play with I couldn’t help myself running and running around so much! Let’s have a lay date soon! Argo

  2. Argo, You can stay with us any time. You very fun even though you hog the bed. I’m willing to share, though, since you’re such a playful, friendly fellow. Say hi to your mom and tell her that yes, we’d love to get together for a walk!

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