June 20-21, 2009

Ergo Argo

camp argoDear Family,

Rubin has been kind enough to let me write on his Dog Blog about the weekend. He said that as a guest, I get to give my viewpoint of life at Camp Rubin. And what a life it is! When you told me you’d be leaving me with Ann and Gretchen, I had no idea how much fun I would have. Okay, I’ll admit, I was kind of shy when I first arrived, uncertain about where I’d sleep, who I should follow (since I always follow you, Mom), and when or where I’d get fed (a very important part of my existence). But soon I learned the routine at Camp Rubin and have settled right in.

Rubin is a good friend. He pretty much leaves me alone, but allows me to go with him to work. He’s a dog dog walker, if you didn’t know, and he stays very, very busy during the week.  He also stays very busy on the weekends, too. .

This weekend, for instance, we traveled over to visit his grandparents as well as his Uncle Paul and Lindsey, his human cousin. They were all really nice to me and we had lots and lots of fun.  We played lots of fetch…a game both Rubin and I like.


fetch2still fetch

I also got lots and lots of loving attention…

Ann lovemore ann love

Not only from Ann and Gretchen, but from Gretchen’s family as well. For instance, this is Grandpa Bob. He’s very kind and gave me lots of love. He also gave lots of love to Rubin since that is his Grand-dog.

Grandpa BobGrandpa Bob 2

Lindsey, Gretchen’s niece and Rubin’s cousin, liked to scratch my back and I even got to hang out with Ann while she read the Sunday paper.

back scratchSunday paper

Rubin is one lucky dog. Not only does he have a loving family (just like I do), but he gets to go on all sorts of adventures.  For instance, on Saturday afternoon, we went to this boat launch where that’s what they did…launched two kayaks. And guess what? Rubin got to go for a ride in one of the kayaks! They asked me if I wanted to go, but I didn’t like the thought of getting my paws wet. Instead, I went for a walk with Ann around the park. That was fun, too. Everything smells so different in Bremerton!

kayakingwalking with Ann

We all hung out on the dock, too, watching the boats go by.

boat watching

We also played fetch in the park and I got to chew on Rubin’s orange and blue ball. That was especially fun!

chew timefetch time

When we got back to the house, Rubin and I hung out in the front yard while everyone washed down the boats.

front yard

Because it was Father’s Day, we all got to watch Grandpa Bob try out his new hose wrapper-upper. Rubin liked to chase the hose, but I got a little nervous and wanted Ann to pick me up, and she did…just in time for the family portrait!

pick me upfamily portrait

I also got a new nickname. They called me “Star Anise”…I’m not sure why but I think it has to do with the white star on my back end.

star anise

At night, I get to sleep in the middle of the human bed and sometimes Rubin comes up, too and we sleep together.  Rubin and I also play in the back yard, too, which is really fun though he likes to bark at me and that makes me a little nervous.

fetch againa little nervous

It’s been really fun so far hanging out and playing at Camp Rubin. I do miss you, though, but I’m glad if you had to be gone, that I got to come here.  I feel safe and loved almost as much as I do when I am at home.

Your faithful and curly boy,


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