June 19, 2009

The End of a Long Week

wet dogs

I should have known it was going to be a long day to mark a long week when we woke up to rain today. The rain smelled good, but it was that summer kind of rain that gets you wet 30 steps out the door. And we got wet. The house still kind of smells like wet dogs even though it’s no longer raining and Gretchen’s opened the windows to bring in some fresh air.

But today was uneventful, compared to yesterday, though it was still very long. It started with a walk with Captain and Argo. Captain is the dog we just finished boarding and Argo is next.  They got along fine, but I think Captain was really happy to go home. He seemed happy when his family arrived to pick him up.  We had fun, didn’t we Captain? Hope you come stay with us again, though next time, no ear biting!

Speaking of ear biting…how’s this for an ear-ristable picture?

two ears

Gemma looks like she has two ears, doesn’t she? Well, don’t be fooled. That’s her tail sticking up like an ear…what she really looks like is this…


I always knew Gemma was “fearless” but now she’s “earless”….though only temporarily. After Captain nipped at her yesterday, Gemma had to have some minor surgery with the vet stitching up her ear and then bandaging it like the Egyptians bandaged a mummy. Needless to say, I didn’t get to play with Gemma today. Gretchen met up with Gemma and her human dad and they walked through the park and then played some fetch and ran around a lot. Apparently, Gemma had lots of energy after her groggy Thursday afternoon and evening.

running aroundfetching

Speaking of fetch, I think Gemma looks kind of fetching in her orange bandage…it looks like a designer necklace!


Get well soon, Gemma. I can hardly wait to play with you again… and you can chew on my ears just like you always do!

But I’m retelling the day all out of order. After Captain went home, we fetched Monty for a short walk and then Gretchen played with Gemma while we all rested.  After Gemma, Gretchen took Argo to meet Oshi and Perrito. Talk about a hit. Gretchen told me all about it, but I think the photographs tell the best story!

the meetinglet's play


As you can see, Argo and Perrito hit it off. They played like crazy, with Argo racing around the tennis courts and Perrito doing his best to catch him.  He only caught up to Argo when Argo took a rest after all the circling around at lightning speed.

argo2get him

catching upnot a chance

restingmore rest

Gretchen tells me that Argo is really fast. I’ve only had hints of his speed when he races around the house inviting me to chase him. We’re going to go out this afternoon to play so maybe I’ll get to see for myself just how fast he is.

Oh and Oshi you may wonder, was at the tennis courts, too, but he had no interesting in playing. Instead, he watched.


And hung out with Gretchen as close as he could get so he didn’t get run over by the crazed dogs…

close bychasing again

And Argo and Perrito did a lot of wrestling, too. They got quite the workout!



Argo got to come back to the house and rest with Monty who was digesting his lunch before going out again.  I got to go visit Teabiscuit and she was very happy to see me!


We got to play fetch and though Teabiscuit was a little uncertain about playing fetch at the same time I did, she eventually warmed up to it!

happy biscuitfetch time


After we walked and played with Teabiscuit, Monty, Argo and I went for a walk up to the pet store to pick up some food for me. Yummy!  We had to stop, of course, at the scary grate lookout where Argo showed how fearless he is.

"Don't look down, Monty!"
"Don't look down, Monty!"
"Why not?" asked Argo.
"Why not?" asked Argo.

We made our way along the ridge and then headed back home to be posed, one more time, on the back porch.

one more time

Do I look tired? Well, I am. I think Argo is, too. He had a full day. I had a full week. There’s a joke in here somewhere about a full Monty, but I’m to tired to tease it out (Gretchen said that would be “strip tease” it out! She must not be as tired as I am!).

Have a great weekend everyone. Argo and I get to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!  Yippee!!!


PS — And if that weren’t enough…we finished the day off with a game of fetch and a walk with Quillette and Teabiscuit!



chasing Montychasing Monty2


3 of us2 of us

3 of us againfour of us

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