June 13, 2009

Some Days Are Meant For Smiling

smile onesmile2

Saturdays are great days. I don’t know why they make me so happy, but they do. Maybe it was because I got to see Rufus and Riley today. Maybe it was because I got to run in tall grass. Maybe it’s because we found coyote scat! Who knows, but it was a great day even if I had to work.

Rufus and Riley were excited to see us. We set out on the paved path, but soon Riley pulled (and I mean pulled) us up to the grassy hill. I have to admit, I like running up there as much as they do.

on the pathpath

It was particularly fun today because we found coyote scat. Gretchen says it’s called scat not poop, which makes no sense to me since I poop and I hate s-cats, if you know what I mean. But finding wild animal leftovers was heaven for Rufus and Riley! Their noses were working overtime, so much so that Gretchen had to pull them away before they rolled in it!

working noses

Rolling is Riley’s favorite thing to do.  It’s hard to tell when he’s going to do it, but Gretchen captured the sequence today…

First, the sniff…


He’s leaning a bit to his right. Can you see it? That means this is next…


Followed by a happy Beagle smile…

beagle smile

It’s really funny to watch, but Gretchen has to be cautious because often he likes to roll in things that don’t smell so great. Luckily, Riley was just scratching his back on this roll, but when he smelled the coyote poop…I mean, scat…he was all ready to smear the stuff all over him. Luckily, Gretchen saw all the signs of a potential roll and nabbed him before he was splayed out in bliss.

Rufus likes to roll some, too, but nothing like Riley. Rufus would rather prance through the tall grass and whenever Gretchen bends down to take a photo, he’s all over it thinking she’s going to give him a treat!

treat time!yummy

Yeah, it was that kind of day. A day of smells and smiles, scurrying and scat. As we headed off into the heat of the day, I just had to smile.


Of course, the day is far from over. I hear tales of a graduation party followed by a birthday party. One includes swimming at the pool and another includes a birthday cake…the one now chilling in our fridge!

Stay tuned,


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