June 10, 2009

img_9464Minding My Own Business

I had a feeling that today would be a different kind of day. My gut told me to be weary so I refused to eat my breakfast and I tentatively agreed to go on a walk with Gretchen.  I should have known that when she said, “Let’s go get Monty,” something was up, but not until we marched our way up the hill did I realize what I was in for.

Spa Day.

That’s what the humans call it. Spa Day, like it’s some kind relaxing adventure where we are pampered and fed fresh chicken all day. Though I like Lilliana and Carlos (who groombefore us), the act of getting groomed is both stressful and humiliating.

That’s why Monty goes with me. He doesn’t mind at all.  He’s just his easy-going self and let’s the groomers do whatever they want and let me tell you, some of their “whatevers” are rather personal. Two words: Anal Glands. I’ll let it rest there.

So we picked up Monty and on our journey up the hill, we ran into Jessica and Quillette. I was very happy to see them, but by the time we got to the top of the hill, even Quillette sensed the doom of the groomer approaching. Quillette gets bathed, but she doesn’t go through the whole spa routine. There’s no meticulous combing out, no trimming of the nails, no plucking of hair out of her ears, no blow dryer heating her up while drying her off…no, she simple goes for a bath, but let me tell you, she hates that bath. So when we got close to Dog Mania (aka THE SPA) she said to us, “Oh no. This doesn’t look good.”

Jessica and Gretchen tried to distract us with some photos at the water fountain, and even though we partook in the deliciously fresh water, we were saddened that we weren’t going to the lake or  perhaps on a longer walk through the shaded woods.


When we finally got to the groomer, other victims were waiting for their “spa date” as well.  This is Mars…her eyes say it all!


Gretchen went back to work after dropping us off, but she only had Oshi and Perrito lined up today so she decided to take advantage of a dog-free house and clean.  In between the cleaning, she took the boys for a nice walk through all the parks that connect in our neighborhood.

Perrito was thrilled to be outside in the sun. Oshi, not so much.

Outside smilenot so much

Perrito runs and prances at the end of the leash…


While Oshi cautiously walks behind or beside Gretchen…


Perrito really came alive when he spotted the water sprinklers from afar…

waterlet's go!

Oshi decided to avoid the sprinklers as much as he could, though I imagine he enjoyed cooling off his paws in the wet grass.  Perrito just laid right down in it!

cool grassahhhh

Then they made their way home with Perrito in the lead and Oshi close behind…

leadingclose behind

Gretchen went back to cleaning — vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting — while we were still getting primped and plucked. Finally, FINALLY they came to get us. Yes, Jessica and Quillette came too because they both wanted to see the AFTER since they’d seen the BEFORE that morning.



Gretchen claims she’ll make this day up to me with a dinner date tonight with Captain,  my half brother. I think I’ll believe when I see it!

Tomorrow has to be a better day even though I’m looking pretty good, aren’t I?


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