June 1, 2009

If This Is June…cool spot

…I can only imagine how hot July will be! Good thing our house stays fairly cool. In fact, I’ve learned very quickly where the cool spots are.  The best is in the long hallway right outside the office. Gretchen works on whatever she works on with the office window open and the breeze rushes down the hallway making this very spot the best place to cool off.

But I do like to lie in the sun, too.  Last night, Quillette spent the night with us and after a nourishing breakfast and a nice long walk, we both spent the morning lounging in the sun. Quillette likes the sun as much as I do and I like hanging out with Quillette. I hear humans

sunbathingall the time say, “They’re good people…” so I must say that Quillette is good dog, though it sounds kind of odd.  She had fun at our house, I think. Aside from lying in the sun, she slept on the downstairs couch all night. That’s got to be the softest bed in the house and leave it to Quillette to figure that out.

And she liked the breakfast we served her as well. She eats very quickly so I’m not sure she togethercan distinguish the finer flavors of my gourmet meals, but at least she doesn’t reject what is served.  I do that sometimes, reject what is served, but after watching Q eat, I get inspired and usually eat a whole bowl full while she watches me.

After our walk, our breakfast, and sunbathing we took Quillette home so she’d be there when her own mom arrived.  Then Gretchen and I practiced some agility stuff. Not much because it’s very hot. Oshi and Perrito were next door and so was their mom, Sequoya. She asked to go on our walk with the boys and since I really like Sequoya, I convinced Gretchen it was a perfect idea. It didn’t take much convincing since Sequoya is very nice.

We wandered through the park hoping to play some fetch in the shade, but there were other visitors so we just made our way to the big field where we met a friend. She’s a 3-month old puppy named Lucky. Very cute. She, too, was very hot.


Perrito took an immediate liking to her though she was a bit hesitant at first. Perrito can be a little forward. We all checked her out though…

saying hello

…then I showed her some of my favorite moves!  Like rolling around and snuggling with Sequoya.


Oshi hung back trying to find the best bit of shade in which to rest. That happened to be right behind his mom…

shade time

fetchLucky showed us some of her tricks, too.  She likes to play fetch and I was very interested in the ball she got to play with. So was Perrito.

Lucky did a great job getting the ball and even bringing it back. She’s better at that than I am!

Meanwhile, Perrito got tired and had to rest among the clover. Silly boy.


Lucky smelled the flowers too and hung out with her mom, happy to have met some new friends.


There’s talk of swimming later, but right now I need a nap while Gretchen works around the house. It’s a hot one for the beginning of June. They say that summer never really arrives in Seattle until July, but if this week is any indication, things just might be changing.

Ah, a cool breeze just came in through the open office window. Perfect time to find my special spot and relax.

Until tomorrow,


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