May 24, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

filling the poolI always know summer is really here (though I know it’s not quite official) when the pool gets filled! And guess what? This was the weekend!  Woo-hoo!!!

I love to swim, but maybe more than that, I really love water so any time I can play it, I get pretty excited.  My favorite thing to do is dig in the water. It may sound silly, but it splashes the water all up on my belly and on warm days nothing feels better.

going to town

still going at it

Sometimes I get carried away and Gretchen catches me in those wild moments. I snap out of it, but I’m always a little surpised when I realize what I’ve been doing!


Though it looks like I’m playing, on this Sunday I’m actually working. I’m showing our houseguest how to play in the pool. She caught on really fast and though she doesn’t play with the same abandon, she still had fun!

getting ingetting out

in the poolin the pool2

I needed to cool off today because I went for a warm walk in the morning with Teasbiscuit and then another walk with Rufus and Riley. They were super hot, too, but they don’t have a pool at their house so we made sure to take it easy on our walk so they didn’t get overheated.


If given a choice, Rufus and Riley would rather sniff than walk…let me tell you! Their noses are always to the ground.


But we make the boys walk and in the end, they really like the exercise. Of course, Riley will do anything not to walk like find something silly to roll in…


I got to play fetch, which even in the sun is very fun!


The boys rested while I played…


…but then they realized that Gretchen had taken off her backpack and that the goldmine of treats lived inside. Wow, they have great noses!

great noses

Sometimes Gretchen gives me treats while I’m playing fetch and occasionally I drop them on the ground, overexcited about fetching the ball. Guess who found them?

finding treats

Then it was my turn to rest…while Rufus continued the treat search.


Pretty soon the boys realized that there were no more treats on the ground and that all of them were in Gretchen’s pocket. Guess what they did?


They make me laugh so hard I just have to roll around…


Of course, after all the laughter and fetching and begging and sniffing, it’s time to go home. Going home takes awhile with these guys. They stop often and sniff one last time or just plain stop and look cute.

going homegoing home2

Busy weekend and it’s still not over since Monday we’ll be working, but not many others will. Oh well. Such is the life of a dog dog walker!

Until then,


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