April 6, 2009

Yes, folks that IS sunshine!

green grass, blue sky It’s been a week since my last post and that’s because Gretchen (and my other mom) went away on vacation.  Little did I know that when they went away, I’d get to spend time with two of my best friends — Jessica and Quillette. So while I was a tad bit bitter about being left, it all turned out well. We even had SNOW while they were gone!

But since they traveled to Mexico, they took it upon themselves to bring back some sun in their suitcases. It was a tough journey, Gretchen tells me, but the results are amazing.  As you can tell from Oshi’s happy, prancing self, it was nothing but green grass and blue skies today!  What a relief.

And to top it all off, we have a visitor for the rest of the week — Gemma!  Her dads went on vacation too and though we usually don’t board dogs, we decided one dog at a time was okay.  So even though Mondays are usually slow in the dog walking business, this Monday has been jam-packed with all sorts of activity. Remember, Gemma is still a puppy (6 months old I think?) and she has more energy than any dog I’ve ever known.  Surprisingly she’s sleeping right now, but it’s taken most of the day to wear her down.

Gemma arrived around 9:30 this morning complete with her bed, food, and toys.  my stickWe headed out for a long walk and ended up on one of my favorite trails where I was let off leash and Gemma was allowed to leash drag. I found a stick immediately and as Gemma’s prone to do, she wanted it too.  She contorted herself all over the hillside, barking and whining at me to get the stick, but I was stubborn and refused (sometimes loudly) to give in.

Eventually, I chewed up the stick into little bitty pieces, one of which Gemma snagged and proudly carried for the rest of our walk on the trail.

When we got home, we got lunch (my breakfast), played in the backyard a bit before Gretchen headed out to walk Oshi and Perrito (she decided to leave us behind — Gemma in the big green crate and me on my bed each of us sucking on our treat-filled Kong toys! Yum.)

Gretchen headed out to the park where she allowed Oshi and Perrito to leash drag as well while she sat in the green, green grass and tried to snap photos.

sun runningPerrito LOVED romping around the park and paid absolutely NO attention to his leash dragging behind him.

Oshi, on the other hand, kept getting tangled, the leash wrapping around his legs and body again and again. Still he was happy and eventually just gave up and frolicked!

Oshi’s favorite thing to do in the sun and tall grass is roll around and he put on quite a show for everyone!  Can you tell which pile of fur is Oshi and which is Perrito?


Don’t worry…I can’t either, but that’s Oshi on his back in the front and Perrito laughing at him in the back.  They are silly.

When Gretchen returned, she let Gemma and me play in the back yard. Man, that was a blast!

take down! the shove

But the sun WAS out and therefore we got really warm really fast.  That’s when we decided to just chill and hang out in the shade of the almost blossoming cherry tree. Nice.

shade time resting pose

I’ve forgotten how great the sun feels and after all the rain and snow we’ve had this winter and early spring, I’m sure happy my moms hauled some of the warm stuff back in their suitcases!

Enjoy the sun!


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