April 29, 2009

Better Late Than Never

(Gretchen left her camera at the house of Jasper so this post is a bit late.  Forgetful woman! Our apologies to all our readers.buddies Rubin)

Hey Rubin?

Yeah, Monty, what’s up?

So, I’m like your best friend, right?

Not like, you are. Are you worried?

No, I was just wondering why everybody else got to post on your blog before me while you were out of commission?

Well, I figured it this way — you ARE my best friend so you wouldn’t mind waiting while I gave all the other clients a chance to chime in. Besides, I really saved the best for last, didn’t I?

You’re cool, dude. I guess when you put it that way it makes perfect sense. I’m happy now…



really happy!

I can tell you’re really happy!  Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings!

No, dude, I was just wondering. Thanks for clearing it up.

No worries. So go ahead…have your say…

The best thing I like about your visits in the week is that I’m certain we’ll always have fun.

romp timesYeah, the walks are nice and the games of fetch, too, but nothing beats a good wrestling and chase romp does it?

That’s the truth. We know how to rough house don’t we?

Champs. We’re champs.

Unfortunately, I’m getting a bit older so flying off the deck isn’t good for me anymore.

That’s why Gretchen put all my agility toys around the deck. She wanted to block our flying leaps off it.

I appreciated that because when I’m playing, well, I kind of get carried away.

Is that a pun? Flying leap — carried away?

Ha! Funny.  I didn’t even realize I was so funny!

chaseYou’re both fun and funny, Monty! And really fun to chase!

Well, you’re kind of persistent.

Am I?

Yeah, dude!  You come at me and at me again and again pestering me by poking me in my neck, throwing yourself against me, and barking at me. What am I supposed to do, ignore you?

Sorry, I didn’t realize what a pest I was.  I thought you liked it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, really fun, but sometimes it gets annoying and I have to show you who’s boss.

who's boss?In this picture it looks like I’m the one in charge.

That’s only because I make you think you are. Most of the time, I’ve got you flat on your back and I’m telling you to settle down.

That’s true.

Poor Oshi. He hung out with us after our walk and watched from the porch, worried that we’d hurt each other.

Oshi is kind of shy and though he can wrestle with Perrito, he doesn’t like wrestling with big dogs.

I tried to be gentle, but I guess he thought I was going to crush him.

big dog

big dog2

We are kind of scary I suppose.

Yeah, I guess we’re both kind of big compared to him, aren’t we?

big headTake a look, dude? Your head is as big as his whole body!

Would you look at that?  I don’t feel that big.

You’re a giant among dogs, buddy, but that’s what I love about you.

You do?

Yeah, you’re a gentle giant.

Oh shucks.  Thanks.

But Oshi likes us and he liked hanging out with us yesterday afternoon.

Yeah, though he’s really worried about his buddy, Perrito who just had eye surgery.

I know. It’s hard to get Oshi to come out of his house when he knows his buddy can’t come with him.

Is it hard on you when you know I can’t come with you?close up

If only you knew, dude, if only you knew. When we head out for a walk, I always pull toward your house, but sometimes we don’t go that way or sometimes we go that way, but never stop at your house. That’s like torture.

I know, sometimes I hear you down on the street and I bark a hello.  Do you hear me?

Yeah, and then I feel really excited because I think for sure we’ll go pick you up, but sometimes we don’t and that’s kind of a bummer.

Well, I suppose we’re lucky to live so close and that we get to see each other just about every day.

I like it when you and your mom come over at night and we get to go play fetch in the dark with our blinking yellow balls.

Yep, that’s killer fun!

And then Quillette and Jessica came over.

We have such nice friends!


And how about our new friend, Jasper?  He’s pretty cool, eh?


Very cool.  He’s so mellow and he loves all the same things I love like the water!

Dude, you two were so funny on that dock!  I thought for sure you were both going to go in.


Jasper liked watching the boats.


Watching the boats is one thing, but you were ready to swim alongside them!

Well, I tried. I mean, I put both feet off the dock and then Gretchen kind of panicked and pulled me back.


Good thing she did!  You would have gone down like a boulder straight to the bottom!

Really?  I thought for sure there was solid ground down there!

Dude, you’re kind of crazy, you know that?

Well, Jasper wanted to jump right off!

Good thing Gretchen had a tight hold of our leashes.

She didn’t really have to hold onto you. You just stood a bit frozen in the middle of the dock.

water fear

Well, it was kind of rocking back and forth and I’ll admit, that made me a bit nervous.

I kind of liked it!

Is there anything you don’t like, Monty?

Um, let me think. Oh yeah, the vacuum cleaner.  Hate that thing!

See, we all have our issues.

I’m glad you accept mine.

Likewise, dude.  And I’m really glad you’re my best friend.

Ditto. And thanks for letting me write on the blog.  Can I do it again sometime?

You bet!

best friend

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