April 28, 2009

Teabiscuit I’m not sure I can do this, Gretchen.

Sure you can, Teabiscuit. You’re a very brave dog.

I am?

Yes, you are certainly braver than you think.

But this keyboard is so big. It takes so much effort to reach each letter. And that ‘z’ it’s so far away.

Don’t worry about the ‘z’ — you rarely use it.

But what do I write about?

Anything you want, but why don’t you start with a brief introduction. Not everyone really knows you.

Okay, well I’m a small dog, a poodle and Maltese, I think, but I’ll have to double-check with my family. I’m young, but I forget how young and I like to play fetch.

How did we meet?

Well, usually Peter walks me, but he’s famous now and out of town on tour (not sure what that means) so he asked you to walk and play with me.

That’s right. How’s it going so far?

As I said, I’m pretty shy so honestly, while I was glad to see you, I was a bit hesitant to do all the normal things I do with Peter.

Like play fetch?rolling

We played some fetch, but mostly I just rolled around in the grass.

Yes, you liked that very much.

It feels good on all those places I can’t scratch myself.

I bet it does, and already I know how much you like to be scratched.

Yes, thank you for all the rubs you gave me today.

No problem. So what did we do next?

We went for a walk, a long walk down the hill to the lake and even though you said I couldn’t go swimming, you let me get a drink of water.

by the lakeThat tasted good, didn’t it?

Yes. Very refreshing.

You’re doing a great job writing and look, no use of the ‘z’!

You were right!  Hope it stays that way.

It will, it will.

So next we went up through the Madrona Woods. You go there often, don’t you?

Yes, it’s very pretty and I love the forest. It’s nice to find it in the city.

It scared me at first.

Yes, I know it did, but I told you, you are very brave and you showed great courage in the woods.

BraveryI liked it when you said the word “kitty” because I have a kitty who lives at my house.

I was wondering. A cat wanted to go into your house when I dropped you off, but I wasn’t sure the cat belonged to you.

It does. Coming home was a hard walk for me. Was it hard for you?

Yes, it’s all up hill from the lake and there are a lot of stairs.  You did very well on the stairs. I was impressed.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Did any of those photographs of the flowers turn out?

I think so. What do you think?




Oh, those are lovely!

I like all the colors, don’t you?

Yes, very much…so, is that it?  Is that all I have to write about?

Actually, no. If you were the only dog I walked today that would be okay, but remember how I told you about Ollie and Lucy? You need to write about them.

Even though I wasn’t there?

Yes, well, I told you all about the morning remember? You just have to tell it from your perspective.

Okay, but I’m feeling kind of nervous about it.

Would it help if I showed you a picture of Ollie and Lucy?  Would that help you remember?

Yes, that just might do the trick.

the two of us

Oh, now I remember. That’s Ollie in curls and Lucy dressed in my colors.

Your colors?

Yes, she’s black and white, too, though I have curls.

And she likes to play fetch just as much as you do!

Really? What about Ollie? Doesn’t he like fetch?

OlliefetchSometimes, but he’d rather just grab the ball and run around a lot. And he drops the ball all the time. That’s pretty funny.

Why is it funny?

Well, he never knows which way he’s going or which way the ball is going so he tumbles all over the place trying to find the ball that he just dropped.

That is pretty silly. What does Lucy do?

Lucy is like a machine. She gets really, really excited once she knows where we are headed and when she sees the ball, she starts whining with excitement.

I like to play fetch, but not that much.

lucy fetchWell Lucy could play all day and all night. She rarely gets tired, though this morning, because it was warm, she got pretty tired.

It was warm this afternoon, too. I got really hot. That’s why you let me have a drink from the lake. Does Lucy drink from the lake?

I’m sure she would. We rarely go down there because she just wants to play fetch.

Does Ollie like the lake?

I bet he would, too, but when his curly coat gets wet, it’s kind of a big mess and I don’t want to give him back to his family all wet and heavy.

That’s nice of you.  What else do they do besides play fetch?

pouncingOllie likes to bounce a lot. He also pounces on things like the ball or a stick or sometimes a pine cone.

I think that would scare me.

Oh, he’s super nice and very sweet. He likes to cuddle, too, just like you.

But still, he seems like he’s got lots of energy. Does Lucy?

Oh yes, but Lucy’s energy is all about fetch. She is singularly focused. Ollie’s all over the place.

Do they ever hold still?

Yep!  In fact, just this morning, I got a picture of Ollie lying down chewing on the ball and Lucy standing staring intently at me.

Why was she staring?

Can’t you guess?

Oh, she wanted the ball!chewing

See, you are wise AND brave!


And guess what, Teabiscuit?


You’re done! That’s it!  You wrote about the whole day and never once used the letter ‘z’!

Imagine that!  I guess I am a brave dog!

Yes you are, little one, yes you are!

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