April 24, 2009

walking Writing Backwards

Good evening. My name is Jasper and I have been asked by my new friend, Rubin, to post a dog blog of today’s activities at Wags n’ Words. Please forgive me if I make grammatical or punctuation mistakes for I am a humble dog with little experience in the ways of human language.  This task is difficult for me since I am walked by Gretchen at the end of her day therefore, in order to do the day justice, I must refer back to notes so diligently explained to me by other new friend, Monty.

First and foremost — get better soon, little Rubin. I miss smelling you and walking beside you. While I adore Monty, he doesn’t walk beside anyone. Rather he leads the way by circling around and around eventually moving forward. You and I, little Rubin, are obedient walkers calmly walking by Gretchen’s side unless we see something more interesting like a cat or a squirrel. Then, I suppose, we aren’t as obedient as she’d like, but she’s very understanding and can generally snap us back into behaving with a gentle tug of the leash.

So let me begin at the beginning. The day started with two little fellas I haven’t met yet  — Oshi and Perrito — though I can smell them on Monty since he got to walk and play with them today.  Their routine is very different from ours. While Monty and I walk through the neigborhood and sometimes down by the lake, Oshi and Perrito escort Monty to the tennis courts where he plays fetch and Perrito chases him!

chasing the big guyThis looks like a great deal of fun, but Monty tells me that his favorite part is climbing up on the bench with his ball and watching it fall off again and again.

off the bench

Sometimes, he tells me, he just likes to lie on the bench in the sun and squish the ball between his teeth. I can understand the squishing part, but the whole bench thing confuses me to no end.

not judging

But I am not one to judge, so I’ll take Monty’s word for it. It’s fun.

I asked what Oshi and Perrito did for fun and Monty told me that Perrito likes to chase him around and Oshi likes to scurry after Perrito. From the photographs, I think Oshi actually likes to run around and watch his hair blow in the breeze. What do you think?

in the wind more running

Monty did tell me that the surprise of the day was when Quillette showed up with her mom, Jessica. Jessica looks like a very nice young woman and Quillette looks as if she was very happy to see everyone!

jessica yeah, Jessica!


I think I would very much like Quillette. She has a great smile and she likes to pounce on her ball. I like that too!

the pounce!

It looks like everyone had a great time this morning. Of course I imagine little Rubin was none too pleased that all his buddies got together without him. But you’ll get to hang out with them (and me) soon, yes? For now, the pictures will have to suffice.

in the shade Miss you Rubin

all together

Then it was my time and oh what a time we had! First, Rubin needed a new toy so we headed off to Four Legs Good the local pet store. And there we met Cheryl who gave us lots of really tasty treats.  We liked her very, very much.

yum yum

oh yeah!

Then off we went for our walk through the neighborhood, down by the park, and past all the wonderful smelling signs of spring. Monty posed in the sun at the park…


…we met Poppy, an old gal who wagged her tail in pure happiness…


…and then headed back to my house, side by side…finally.

side by side

It was a wonderful time and I thank you, little Rubin, for the privilege of sharing the day, beginning to end, with all the Wags n’ Words fans.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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