April 21, 2009

Indeed. This is Sunshine!

bright white Gretchen says that when we have three days of sunshine we should thank the weather gods because three days of warm weather in April is a bright blessing. It’s so bright, in fact, when she snapped this photo of me, the sun was hot on my back and I was in heaven!

I love the sun.  When the sun shines on our back porch, I want nothing more than to eat my breakfast and then sprawl out in the warm sun while I digest.

Ollie seems to like the sun, too. He was our work today. Just Ollie, no Lucy. Lucy moved until tomorrow this week, but that’s okay because Ollie and I are good friends.

We walked down to the lake through the park and the bright light of the sun filtered through the tall park trees.  When Gretchen shot this photo, the sun was a warm and wonderful light turning my usually apricot coat to white.

Ollie, on the other hand, is caramel and no matter how much the sun shines on his coat, it will always be caramel.  It’s a beautiful color, don’t get me wrong, but it’s one color and will always be only one color. I have different shades depending on the light and as I’ve already said, the light was spectacular today!

caramel boy

here I come!


After our long walk through the park and down by the lake, we came back to our house so we could play a bit in the backyard.

backyard fun

I like to tease Ollie with my ball and he plays along with it!  He’s a good boy and a good friend.  Hey, in the sunshine everyone is good and a friend!

my ball

good friends

Indeed, this is sunshine.

Tomorrow promises many more dogs, but unfortunately rain. Oh well. We got the blessing of three days of warm and light. Ahhhhh.


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