April 20, 2009

In Need of Shade

I'm a rock!After months and months of rain and cold weather, the sky broke blue today and warmed the ground in a pleasurable way.  So warm, in fact, I got to go for a swim.

Did Gretchen take any photos of that?

Nope, but she captured this elusive creature hiding right by my entrance and exit to and from the lake.

The turtles are one of Gretchen’s favorite signs of warmer weather.  I rarely notice them. Besides, doesn’t it just look like a big rock?  Well, that’s what I thought. If I’d known it was something more interesting I would have investigated more closely.

Gretchen investigated instead…careful not disturb the “rock in hiding.”

closer look

And then, after the swim and on our walk along the lake, she found another turtle perched on the downed tree at the edge of the lake…

hard to see

Kind of hard to see, but it’s that bump in the middle of the tree.

Boring if you ask me, but then rarely does Gretchen ask me anything before she snaps the photos!

Gretchen had lots of work to do at the computer today including finishing a class on birds. On birds?  Humans are weird!

goopyBut we did get to go for a walk with the boys next door — Oshi and Perrito.  Poor Perrito. His cat friend (galls me to even write those two words together!) snagged him in the eye and now he has to get cream in his eye 6 times a day!  See why I’ll never be a friend with a cat?

Perrito wasn’t his usual energetic self partly because of his swollen, goopy eye, but also because it’s warm (about 70 degrees). In fact, after our walk and on the way home, we stopped in the shade of a tree to cool off a bit and do what Oshi likes to do best…roll in the cool grass!

I like it, too.  In fact, we all got into the act after awhile…

…well, Gretchen didn’t, but if she weren’t holding onto 3 leashes AND a camera, I bet she would have!

Oshi begins
Oshi begins the rolling...
"Come on, join me! It feels great!"
"Come on, join me! It feels great!"
Perrito joins in while I think about it a little longer!
Perrito joins in while I think about it a little longer!
"Come on, Rubin! You'll love it!"
"Come on, Rubin! You'll love it!"
"I certainly feel better!"
"I certainly feel better!"
"Oh, alright then!
"Oh, alright then!"

That was it for business today.  Good thing because I’m kind of tired from swimming, bird and turtle watching, and rolling around.  Quillette came over in the afternoon and her mom had dinner with us, but there aren’t any photos of us since we’re “off the clock” — whatever that means!

Enjoy the sunshine or at least know we are enjoying ours!


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