April 16, 2009

Signs of Spring

tulip poseGretchen promised that the rain would stop and she was right. No rain today!  Instead, we had lots and lots of sun with a slight breeze from the South. Nice, very nice.

Our day wasn’t super busy, either. We got a message from Chloe’s mom, so we added Chloe to our short list of walks.  She was very happy to see us even though the picture to the left doesn’t suggest that she likes me very much…but trust me, we have a close friendship based on silent and subtle communications.

This is something that humans often don’t understand about dogs. We know what’s going on. Even when it may not look like we know what’s going on, we know. Take this picture, for instance. Gretchen put me in a STAY, which means I can’t go anywhere until she taps me on my head and says, “release.” (Yeah, I’m a pretty well-trained, aren’t I?) Even though I’m in a stay it doesn’t mean that I can’t look with interest at something down the road and in this photo that “something” was another dog about 2 blocks away.

Notice Chloe, though. She looks slightly annoyed that we’ve stopped or perhaps bored that Gretchen is posing us one more time.

you smell goodIs she aware of me?

You bet she is, in fact she leaned over and took a big whiff, curious about why I was curious.  I tried to tell her — dog, another dog — but Chloe was busy smelling me.  “You smell good,” she said.

“I know,” I told her. “I went to the spa last week and I still smell like shampoo!”

“Spa? You mean that place where they put you in a big tub and wash you?”

“That’s the place,” I said.

“You’re braver than I thought,” she replied, “Is that why Gretchen wants to take our picture because you look good?”

oh, you're here!“Yep, probably, so if we want to get this over with and start walking some more, we better look at her because she thinks eye contact is important.”

“Humans,” Chloe huffed, “They are so into eye contact!”

Yes, all of that happened between us while Gretchen worked on getting just the right photo. When we were done (or should I say when she was done!) we continued on with our walk and saw lots and lots more signs of Spring.


Chloe and I headed to the new trail where we walked together…


Smelled spring together…

spring in the air

Looked for squirrels!

did you see that?

And walked together some more…

more walking

Next up? Ollie!!!! Only Ollie wasn’t feeling his full and spunky self today. His left front leg was a tad bit sore so we just walked — down to the lake, up the big hill, through the park and back home…


Me and Ollie Just Ollie

And yes, we posed in one of my least favorite spots, but Gretchen wanted to show that Seattle isn’t all about rain…

Sunny Seattle Ironically, Ollie NEVER sits still for photographs like this, but he also isn’t so fond of grates that are 15 feet off the ground so he is kind of frozen in this sit position.

I’m in a STAY again because, given any freedom, I would have cowered off that stupid grate without a moment’s hesitation.

What I have to do for art…

I’m off to agility class where I get lots of praise, lots of time to play, and lots and lots of treats!  Woof!

Have a great evening!


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