March 9, 2009

I’m Walking on Sunshine

walking on air I’ve never heard of Katrina and The Waves, but for some reason, their song (I’m Walking on Sunshine) has been in my head all day.  Odd because there has been very little sunshine today.  We’ve had just about every other kind of weather — hail, sleet, snow, clouds, wind, blizzard! — but it’s been meager on the sunshine of late.

That didn’t stop Perrito, though, from showing me how cool he can be.  That’s some kind of vertical, buddy!

It was a slow day (and cold as well) since it was just me and Gretchen in the morning. We went for a long walk through the trails and down to the lake and then we played some fetch in the bike tunnel.  I love it when the ball bounces off the tunnel walls.  I have to use some serious geometry to catch the ball on the bounce, but I’m getting pretty good at it.

Gretchen had to work most of the morning. She’s taking a class on birds (of all things) and she keeps promising me that we get to go watch some birds, but I don’t think the weather has provided the perfect setting for such an activity.  But after she’d put in a few hours completing the first of her seven assignments, we walked over to get the boys — Oshi and Perrito.  Their mom had her wisdom teeth removed and has been healing slowly, so taking the two rug rats out is probably exactly what was needed on her road to recovery.

We went for a walk through the park, to the tennis courts, and then around the neighborhood. The attempt was to get the boys good and tired, but that’s sometimes hard to do.  While Perritohome now? will run around in the cold weather, Oshi just gives that look — “You’ve got to be kidding…take me home!”

Can you see those clouds in the background, just above Oshi’s head?  Well, that’s what I’m saying — the weather is unpredictable. We went out in sunshine and in just 45 minutes, it rained, it snowed, the sun shone some more, and then the wind picked up. At one point, hail bounced off the tennis courts. I dropped my ball I was so fascinated by those white balls of hail bouncing all around.  I even chased them.home now

Unfortunately, the scared Perrito a bit and he hid under Gretchen’s legs.  She had to do some backward photography to get this shot!


It turns out, Perrito wasn’t scared at all. He just knows that if he goes between Gretchen’s legs, she’ll give him lots of rubs and pets so while I chased hail balls, he got some loving.

We ran a bit more before we headed back through the park, down by the museum, and up through the neighborhoods back to home.  By the time we got home, the sun came out again, but since then, we’ve had sideways snow, a bit of rain, and a windstorm that made me think someone was trying to break into the house.  I barked until Gretchen informed me that it wasn’t a burglar at all — it was the weather!

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